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Roses: Perpetuate Their Beauty

Updated on June 23, 2016

Tea Rose

Mrs. Herbert Stevens Hybrid Tea Rose
Mrs. Herbert Stevens Hybrid Tea Rose | Source

Introduction to Roses

It's delicate petals and it's rich romantic aroma, nothing quite speaks roses quite like these qualities. I inherited my mother's beautiful roses and these past three years, I started accumulating the knowledge of how to take care of these beautiful flowers. Come with me on this quest and learning experience.

Types of Roses

Temperatures best with
Shrub Roses
Very hardy, the miniature kind is the hardiest
Hybrid Tea Roses
Somewhat Hardy
will take temperature done to -5F. Will require some form of winterizing if temperatures fall below 10F
Tree Roses
Not very hardy
in winter weather the roses need to be dug up and stored in a cool garage or basement.
Tea Roses (non Hybrid)
Not hardy
Regions were temperature is below 10F don't plant tea roses and if you do plan to give them winter covering
Rambler Roses
Very hardy,
Only need protection under the severest of conditions
Flowering Climbers
Very Hardy
Only need protection under the harshest of conditions
Somewhat hardy
Under 5F these roses need protection
When selecting roses for your garden, take into consideration the climate of the region in which you live. For help with this check out the USDA's hardiness zone map at


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