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Ryobi weed eater attachments

Updated on June 13, 2015

Ryobi weed eater pruner attachments


Attachments for Ryobi gas trimmers

Today I'll write about Robi weed eater attachments. Ryobi have a new (not that new) generation of gas trimmers, that have changeable shaft. This series of trimmers and attachments is called Expand-it. They made a bunch of attachments that can help you almost with everything that have to be done around the house. Great thing is, that you can get expand-it gas trimmer without any attachments at all. Those that like electric trimmers more, there is a electric power expend-it trimmer available too.

String trimmer attachment

Lets start with basic Ryobi weed eater attachments – string trimmer attachments. You can choose between two different string trimmer attachments. First one is straight shaft string trimmer that is ideal for trimming under decks, benches, and shrubs. The second one is curved shaft attachment that is a little easier to handle and have less weight.

There is six more Ryobi weed eater attachments that you can use around the house. After we mow the lawn, you can replace string trimmer attachment with edger attachment and take care of the edges. Edger have heavy-duty 9 inches long blade with large rubber flap that will protect you against debris.

Bush cutter attacment

But you are not finished with garden just yet, are you? You still have to take care of those pesky bushes. This is where Ryobi bush cutter attachment with heavy-duty blade come handy. With this 8 inch Tri-arc blade you can cut thicker weeds and pulpy stalks with ease.

Hedge attachment

Now that you are finished with lawn, it's hedge time. Ryobi weed eater attachment for hedge have double-sided dual action reciprocating blade for a cleaner cutting and reduced vibration. That makes it possible to cut hedge in either direction efficiently and ease of use.

Prune attachment

After you cut hedge, it's time to cut that long branches that started to grow too long over hedge. This is where Ryobi weed eater pruner attachment can do his job. Pruner attachment have 10 inch bar that can cut through all kind of branches and limbs up to 6 inch in diameter. If you don't rich high enough, you can use extension shaft. Pruner also have heavy-duty steel gear and automatic chain lubrication.

Cultivator attachment

I guess you still have some gardening to do. Ryobi weed eater cultivator attachment can turn this grass trimmer to a tiller in just few seconds. Cultivator attachment have heavy-duty adjustable (7-10 inches) steel tines that will make your gardening much easier and faster. Much better then doing by hand.

Leaf blower attachment

Well, you almost finished. You done your lawn, bushes, hedge, branches and garden. That spells beer time. Well, not just yet, you still have to clean all the mess you left behind. Ryobi weed eater attachment that turns your favorite tool to a leaf blower. Blower attachment have debris scraper and works 150 MPH and have 279 CFM. Not that bad, a?

Ryobi cultivator attachment

Ryobi cultivator attachment
Ryobi cultivator attachment

Can I use Ryobi weed eater attachments with other weed eaters too?

This is really good question. Yes, almost all Ryobi weed eater attachments are compatible with some other trimmer popular brands, like Toro®, Weed Eater®, Troy Bilt®,... Now, this is good news specially for those who are looking for second hand attachments and can't find one from same brand. This way you can find weed eater attachment faster and in some cases even cheaper.

In case you are buying second hand attachment, it's wise to check online if model is compatible with your trimmer model, even if its same brand.

Ryobi Weed Eater Edger Attachment

Blower attachment

Blower attachment
Blower attachment

Lets talk about warranty

All Ryobi weed eater attachments offer 2 year warranty, which is nice. But be careful, damages on the attachment are not covered by warranty. This comes with no surprise since this is standard for almost all products.

While weed eater attachments are very useful, they are not meant for professional use. If you are landscaper, you should consider buying more professional grade trimmers and attachments. In long therm that will you a lot of money and time.

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Did you know?

Ryobi weed eater attachments don't need any tools to be changed. You can remove and replace attachment in less then minute.

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    • profile image

      daniel herrington 5 years ago

      i am shopping for new wead eater attachment as mine was used a dozen times and now is stripped and am trying to find a new one but seem s if you want that attachment you have to buy an ew one. sucks!!!