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Safety Matters

Updated on March 15, 2011

Staying Safe

 Ready to get behind your mower? Start up that chain saw?

Before you begin yard chores, learn how to play it safe.

So many people are hurt each year using power lawn and garden equipment.

ALWAYS put safety first, with these safety measures from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Dress appropriately. Wear long pants - long-sleeve shirt. Don't wear anything that could

get caught in moving parts. Put on sturdy shoes with slip-resistant rubber soles. Wear eye

protection; even grass can cause an eye injury.

Use heavy gloves

when changing, sharpening, or cleaning blades.

Before you start work, walk
around your yard and remove any
sticks, stones, metal, glass, or wire
dog toys,tools,or anything

that could cause injury if thrown
from power equipment.

Be sure equipment safety devices
are in place and working properly.

Unplug electric tools and
disconnect spark plug wires on
gasoline-powered tools before
making adjustments or clearing

Never fill gasoline tanks while
operating equipment or when the
engine is still hot. Wipe up any
spills. Always store gasoline in
an approved container and away
from the house.

Never work with electric power
tools in wet or damp conditions.

Be sure that extension cords are
in good condition and are the
proper size for the electric current
capacity of the tool.


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