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Home Safety Tips Should Not Be Ignored

Updated on July 31, 2012

Home safety tips should not be ignored because most of the times accidents and fires that occur in our home are preventable. Here are many of the danger spots in an average family homes that should be taken seriously. Follow these home safety tips:-

Safety in Bedroom; Keep bulb wattage to that of lamp and light fixtures limit to 60 watts. Keep your electric blanket smooth and flat. Do not tuck them under the mattress. Do not place on baby or anyone who cannot tell you that blanket is too hot. Space heaters are dangerous. Keep them away from paper items, draperies, rugs, furniture. Keep children and pets away from it. Always check stability, like UL Label. Have your phone and Lamp accessible from your bed.

Safety in Bathroom: Keep breakable items and electric appliances like hair dryers, shavers, radios and phone away from your sink or tub. Never leave young children alone in tub. Never go in bathtub if you are feeling dizzy due to too much alcohol or have taken drug.

Safety in Child`s room: Make sure all paint in the house is lead free. Do not allow space heater in Child`s room. Place child alert decal on window for the department. Keep windows and screens locked or install window guards, if you have young children. Cover all the electric sockets.

Safety in Garage or basement; throw away paint or all stained rags or store in metal containers. Dispose of all the combustible items such as newspapers old, magazines, boxes and old furniture. Install extra lighting in work areas especially where power tools are used. Make sure ladders are sturdy, have a nonslip treads on rugs. Keep flammable and volatile liquids in lightly capped safety cans, far from your heater or any heat source. Gas fumes travels. Never store gasoline in the home or garage. Power tools should have double insulation or grounded plugs. Lock away when not in use.

Safety in Kitchen; Install good lighting over stove and countertops. Make sure your have installed fire alarm, smoke detectors and sprinklers in your house for minor fires. Lock or keep away all your household cleaners out of children `s reach. Always read label and never mix bleach with ammonia, lye or oven cleaner. Keep matches lighters, sharp utensils, electrical appliances and chords out of children reach. Use extension gripper to reach high places. Do not store anything attractive to children such as snacks or toys above or near the stove. Turn pot handles inwards. Always cover frying pans with screens or lids. Keep electrical cords and appliances away from sink and stove. Repair or throw away if a slight shock is left. When cooking tie back your long hair and avoid loose sleeves. Keep paper towels or any paper items, curtains, dish towels, pot holders, plastic utensils away from stove. If you smell gas you and your family should leave house immediately. Do not use phone, flash light or candles. Call fire departments from neighbor’s house.

Safety in Hallways, stairs and Landings; Ensure good lighting with switch at ground floor and each landing. Change your AC filter every 3-6 months. Have smoke detector and sprinkler on each floor and near bedrooms. Keep clear of clutter or of furniture with sharp or protruding parts. Install safety gates across bottom of stairs and each landing if you have small children. Tack carpeting down. Make sure railing is sturdy.

Safety in Living Room: Compare wattage on cords to that on appliances lamps, over loaded extension cords or outlets cause fires. Install cover plates on all outlets and switches. Call electrician if any outlet or plate is warm to the touch. Provider wide rimmed ash trays and do not empty them in wastebaskets. Shield fireplace screen or heat tempered glass. Keep area clear of newspapers. Keep chimney clean. Check often with flash lights for cracks. Leave air space around TV and stereo to prevent overheating. Keep fire, police, and poison control numbers near the phone. Do not run electric cords under rugs, furniture or in traffic areas. Replace frayed, cracked or pinched cords. Tack down carpets, back rugs with slip – resistant coating or pads. Use nonslip polish on waxed floors


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