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Wooden Sash Windows

Updated on December 11, 2014

With the end of the year drawing close, now is a perfect time to start the planning stages of any makeovers your home may need. One of the most common makeovers for a home just now is the addition of new windows. This is due to the fact that as energy prices continue to rise, the need for better heat retention in houses is also on the rise.

Apart from increasing the level of cavity wall insulation in your house, another great way to help prevent heat loss is by having new windows installed. This may seem like a costly adaptation to your house, but the standards to which windows are made to know are such that they actively work to maintain as much heat within the property as possible. Bearing in mind that this is a one time investment for year on year savings, it really is a great investment that will also make your home look great.

A timeless classic reborn

There are number of different window styles that you can choose. However, one of the ones that’s seeing a resurgence in popularity is wooden sash windows. These come in two min forms and are a timeless classic. One form is a based on weights and pulleys to open and close them, which are easy to do so. The alternative option is the spiral balance version which employs the use of spiral tod torsion which makes the overall movement of the window much more smooth. Further, spiral balance windows tend to be more cost effective. This is why they’re most commonly used now on new builds as well being used by people that may be on a set budget for the renovation.

The great thing about either variation though is that you’re able to fully customise the features of your windows. This can involve altering which type of wood that you use so that it fits into the décor for your rooms. Moreover, it’s also possible to choose which kind of fittings you want. A crucial option for many would be the choice of glass which is used. Depending on the room that the window is being installed in, the types of glass may need to be different. An example of this would be between bedrooms and bathrooms. In the former, you may want to have a glass which is sound dampening, or that limits the amount of light which can seep through them. On the other side, in the case of bathroom glass you’ll be wanting to make sure that it’s frosted so that privacy is fully achieved. Likewise, in your hall way you may want to have some sort of decoration on the glass so that it really stands out. Regardless of what you’re specific requirements, you’ll be able to fully customise your own selection to kit out your house.

What should you look out for?

There are many providers available that can carry out this work to your requirements, there is also a list of key requirements that you should really consider. Ideally, the windows will be energy efficient, but make sure they’re actually registered as such. The recommendation is that the windows are rated at least as an A on the energy rating list, and anything under this would need to be strongly considered if the cost of them, as well the time commitments is worth it. Moreover, you should really look for a company that is willing to give you at least a five year guarantee when it comes to wooden sash windows. They’re already going to be relatively expensive, but you need to be confident in the fact that if anything did go wrong with them that you’re covered. This is in terms of both the labour that is carried out, but also the components of the windows themselves. After all, there’s not much point in having new windows if they’re of substandard quality!

Having said that, any company worth its salt will provide you with this warranty for free of charge so that you have constant peace of mind.

A key company that is able to carry this out for you is Patchett Joinery. They’ll be able to fully meet your requirements as well as providing you with a comprehensive warranty for any work that is carried out.


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