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Save Money by cancelling your home garbage/trash collection service

Updated on January 31, 2013
When all else fails, rent a dumpster once in a while from a local company.
When all else fails, rent a dumpster once in a while from a local company. | Source

Most people don't think twice about sticking their bag(s) of trash in a can, and leaving it at the curb. Then they come home from work and place the empty can back into the 'waiting to be refilled' spot. Same for the recycling bin. Now, imagine for a moment that you didn't have this service, and what the benefits would really be.

Many counties, in these United States, offer free dumping at the landfill, if you live in that county. Taking advantage of that, you can save money on the regular fees that are charged by the local trash removal company. Of course, with anything, in this case you're trading your time for the cash, but some people have more time than money. So, for their sake, I'll keep going. (The rest of you are already repulsed, and will quit reading... NOW.)
Along with spending more quality time dealing with your garbage/recycling, you'll need a convienent method to haul it. An old pickup truck is the obvious choice, but I highly recommend an El Camino or Suburu Brat. (If you're gonna go old school, embrace it all the way.) One can argue that the cost of the vehicle will offset the savings paid to the garbage company, but you'll also save money on haircuts, as you'll probably decide to grow a mullet.

Stop making trash, go ahead... try!

Ok, all joking aside, when you start the process of hauling your own garbage, the first thing you learn to do is STOP producing so much garbage. For starters, all of the endless plastic bottles of whatever-you-drink, you'll stop buying. Having to go to the recycling station because you've used 4000 water bottles will really make you angry, and your behavior will (should) change. You'll buy a water filteration system whereas you throw away one filter every 3 months, instead of all those bottles. You'll use less individually wrapped items, like candy bars, so think of all the weight you'll lose! (Now you can call it your weight loss program, too!)

Start a compost pile.

Excess food leavings don't need to make their way into a plastic bag. You an make an organic pile, worm farm, or other natural method to succintly and cleanly dispose of this material. Having this organic matter, it may goad you into planting a garden, growing your own food, and then becoming a doomsday prepper, but again, you'll be saving money!

Recycle your own metal.

Right now, you're paying your garbage service to take away your metal, steel & aluminum cans, of which they sell to another company that repurposes it. So, if you were to take that metal to the recycler yourself, you would get paid for it. It wouldn't be enough to make a living, but at least you didn't have to pay for it. (Think of it more of a rebate on the sodas, soups, veges, or whatever else you buy in a can.)

Creativity rewarded

Fill a small bag of garbage every time you leave the house... just a regular grocery bag... and every time you stop for gas, go to the bank, shop at a drug store, just pop the bag into their trash can, and smile, because you know you're already paying augmented prices to pay for that trash service, too.

If you must keep your service, how about sharing a can with a neighbor? You buy the trashbags, and they pay for the services. Having the same bags eliminates suspicion, but don't you dare run out at the last minute to catch the truck to toss a bag. You'll still save a little money, but not lose the convenience.

Finally, when you do find that you've stockpiled too much trash, then contact a local dumpster rental company. They'll drop a roll-off in your driveway, and make ALL that trash go away at once.


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