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Save Our Trees

Updated on April 11, 2014
 Show me the photo Photograph Little Girl sitting on a tree branch resting in Siem Reap, Cambodia by Anlun
Show me the photo Photograph Little Girl sitting on a tree branch resting in Siem Reap, Cambodia by Anlun | Source

Environmental Benefits

Being a little girl, my favorite pastime was climbing the big tree in our yard. It is where my first adventurer started and my first broken arm was created. But trees are much more than just something for us to find shade or climb in. They, along with many other types of plants provide clean, pure air for us to breath. In fact trees are so important that they can alter the environment by moderating the climate. By improving the air quality, conserving water and yes even harboring wildlife. The leaves of the trees actually absorb or deflect radiant energy from the sun during the summer months. But during the winter when there are no leaves, the suns radiant energy is filtered by branches of deciduous trees. During times of rain and snow the tree absorbs the moisture to help protect against flooding and mud slides.

Trees also affect wind speed and wind direction. The greater the influence of the windbreak is based on the foliage compact on a tree or groups of trees. Because of the foliage of trees humans, animals, insects and even buildings are protect by storms that consist of sleet, hail and downward rain.

Our Trees Are Dieing

  • Each year anywhere from 3 billion to 6 billion trees are destroyed. That includes over 1,000,000 species of animals die each year that live in a tree. Of course this information is only based on the data that is recorded. There are some countries that do not monitor the destruction of their trees or species so this is not completely full data. The thing to point out is, this is not a good thing for the future of our environment or human lives. Think about it. Every time a tree is cut down. A living organism that supplies humans with the very thing we need to breathe dies.

Will You Help?

Do you think it is important to save the trees?

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Why Are Trees Being Destroyed?

There are many reasons trees are destroyed. Natural they are destroyed by fire, but on the human side of it they are destroy for things like paper, housing and other materials man uses to helping in his everyday life.

Some reasons trees are cut down

  • For making cigarettes 1.5 million trees are cut down daily. That is 500 million a year
  • 20 million trees estimate for the number of trees cut down annually for the production of books
  • 4 billion trees worldwide are cut down each year for paper
  • In 2005 statistics, primary forest area was reduced globally by 60,000 square km per year (about the size of Ireland). While it’s impossible to get an exact count, at a rate of 50K to 100K trees per square km, this equates to 3 to 6 billion trees per year

How Our Forest Are Destroyed

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It is very important that the humans of this world stand together and protect the natural resources of our planet. If we don't the end result may be catastrophic. Humans depend on trees as much as they depend on food and water.

CNN Explains: Deforestation

Deforestation in the United States



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