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Save money! Repair almost anything!

Updated on July 30, 2013

Yes you can!

Did you know that everything you ever threw away in your whole life is not gone? Every toy, every package, piece of clothing is still there right in the landfill. Each day it is breaking down into a dangerous cocktail of toxins. This article can save you thousands of dollars and keep you from adding to the problem of waste. Nothing like free money!

Wax on cloth

Candles can ruin textiles...well maybe not! Just place cloth stained of wax over a metal bowl or pan and tightly hold while you pour tea kettle water over it. The boiling water will drain the wax in the pan underneath. Stain gone. Wax out. It will look like new. You can only do this on color resistant fabric.

Bubble pools

Most of these bubble pools give a family an easy option to an upright backyard pool but, the problem is the bubble usually bursts the first year and then pool cannot be filled. Those 3, 4, or 5 foot pools end up in the dump in no time. There is an easy fix. Just cut a slit in the bubble and insert foam noodles all around. Now you can fill the pool and stop the waste. A new pool can be another 2-3 hundred dollars.

Oil paint on your carpet?

Carpets can run thousands of dollars. Don’t tear it up because you spilled some oil paint on it. No matter how much paint you spilled it will come completely out with coconut oil. Use a rag. Pour coconut oil on the stain and blot up. All of the paint will come out. Every drop!

Water stain on wood furniture?

Don’t throw it out. Take a cloth and rub mayonnaise on the stain. That’s right. It comes out instantly! This will save cabinets, tables, and all wood furniture.

Did the kids out grow all those stuffed animals?

Wash them in a tub and hang them on the line in the sun for 6 hours. Sunlight kills bacteria and viruses in 6 hours. Now pass them out on Halloween. You will be the most popular house in the neighborhood!

Wine to old?

Don’t throw it out. Wine can be used as water color paint. It leaves a great finish and all wine will leave a stain so all brands can be used even white wines. Use the bottle for a holiday decoration. Just wrap it in evergreens and tiny Christmas lights. Makes a great porch light!

Does your teen need a new bedspread?

Cut up all the old jeans in squares and sew together. Now you have new material to make pillows, bedding and much more. Staple over the back of a frame and you have a new canvass. Staple over a lampshade. You can even sew a new throw rug.

Plastic picnic set cracked?

Use four to five pine old boards and connect them with furring strips. Now lay the new table top over the old one. This new table top can be sanded and varnished. It will last for years. No one will know it’s a cheap plastic set underneath the finished wood.

Bed sheets faded?

Don't run out and buy new! Tie die them in the color of your bedroom. They will look brand new.

Remember...nothing we throw out is really gone so, think before you toss. It could save you thousands of dollars to keep, repair, and reuse!

by Joanne Kathleen Farrell


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    • kansasyarn profile image

      Teresa Sanderson 

      5 years ago from Rural Midwest

      Great hub with useful advice to reduce, reuse, recycle!


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