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Laminate Flooring Leftover Tips

Updated on November 26, 2014

The Ugly Desk Before the Makeover

Leftover laminate flooring?

Got a box of leftover laminate from your last DIY project? You can stash it in the closet, donate it, or put it to you to give your house some rockin' style on the cheap. One great use for leftover laminate is as a surface cover. I have an old desk in my front room downstairs. The desk's top is pretty ugly, as you can see. The surface was not suitable for painting but when I laid three or four full-size (48 inch length) pieces of interlocking flooring on top of the desk, it instantly transformed the desk into something grand. Don't have leftover laminate? You can get it very inexpensively. I've seen it everywhere from Lowe's to Ollies's, which specializes in close-outs and bargains. Is it as elegant as hardwood? Hardly. Close-up inspection may show minor imperfections. When we laid it in our dining room, a few pieces showed a torn corner here and there. Overall, the look is classy and the price is right. When using laminate as a desk cover, there is no need for glue or adhesives. If you get sick of the look, changing it out is as easy as picking the pieces up and moving them. Now, get the laminate out of the closet and get going.

The Desk Transformed


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