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Say Hello to the Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

Updated on August 9, 2009

I hate cleaning my house! Yes, I know, cleaning is something that must be done, however, I like to save my weekends for fun activities…not house cleaning! Do you remember the old television show, The Jetsons? I may be dating myself a bit here…but I don't care. Anyway, the Jetsons had a maid and their maid was a robot. In fact, if I remember correctly, her name was Rosie. How I wish I had a robot maid to clean my house…life would be so much better and I wouldn't have dish-pan hands (what I would have is a robot with rusty fingers).

The I-Robot Vacuum
The I-Robot Vacuum

I-Robot 560 Roomba Vacuum

While I'm complaining, you can go ahead and add vacuuming to the list of household chores that I hate. Ok, vacuuming isn't as bad as cleaning the toilets (that chore is just plain gross) but it still stinks. Enter the I-Robot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot. A robot that actually vacuums…sounds good to me (Rosie better watch herself…sounds like she has some competition!).

According to my neighbor (who actually owns a Roomba I-Robot Vacuum) she simply places the unit on the floor, presses a button and off it goes…vacuuming up dirt, dust and dog hair. Tammy (my neighbor) told me that the Roomba automatically avoids stairs (which is cool), works on many types of surfaces, and makes vacuuming under tables and other pieces of furniture MUCH easier. Also cool. I must also tell you that the Roomba I-Robot is very expensive (but hey, that's to be expected for such advanced technology). Besides, you can always search the internet for discount stores and find the best possible price (always do your research and homework, people!).

Buy used and save money!
Buy used and save money!

Remanufactured Roomba!

There are several other robot vacuums on the market and available for purchase, however, as I mentioned before, do your homework and make sure you get the product that best fits your needs. After all, all robot vacuums are not created equal! If you have your heart set on a Roomba I-Robot but just don't have the money to spend…consider buying a used (also known as "remanufactured") unit.

Unfortunately, housecleaning and other chores are here to stay (unless, of course, you don't mind living in a pig pen…and hey, that's ok too…who am I to judge). Products such as the Roomba I-Robot Vacuum make life easier and hey, I'm all for that! Good luck with your house cleaning and here's to chore free weekends and living the good life!


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