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Schlage AD Series - Mechanical Retrofit Considerations

Updated on September 21, 2011
Schlage Electronics AD Series
Schlage Electronics AD Series

Schlage Electronics replaced four existing product lines with the new AD series as of January 1st, 2011:

  • The AD-200 series replaced the old CM series
  • The AD-250 series replaced the old CL series
  • The AD-300 series replaced the old VIP series
  • The AD-400 series replaced the old WA series

The KC-2 King Cobra and MPC Cobra series locks were phased out by the end of December, 2010. In the fall of 2010 Schlage introduced the new CO series to replace the KC series and PRO series products.

It is my understanding that all of the series that were phased out or replaced by the AD series are currently supported.

As time goes on it will become necessary for aging CM, CL, VIP or WA series locks to be replaced. Should the replacement be an AD series lock there might be a couple of mechanical issues to deal with.

In many instances the new AD series lock will not cover the old prep. To compensate, Schlage has provided decorative plates in Small, Medium and Large sizes to cover the leftover holes. Ranging in price between $20 and $115 list, it will be important to remember to include these decorative plates when estimating AD series retrofit jobs.

For example, when retrofitting a AD-200 cylindrical lock onto an existing CM5196 door prep two small decorative plates are required to cover existing holes at a list price of $20 each. Multiply that by 20 doors and you see where I am coming from. In all cases that I observed, the plates are installed to cover holes above the locks.

A second important difference between the AD series and the CM, CL, and VIP series is that the AD series locks are key-in-lever whereas the CM, CL and VIP series (except the CM and CL 5200 series) required mortise cylinders. Therefore, if a site has a key system in place with mortise cylinders, for example, Medeco or KabaPeaks, the cylinders will need to be replaced as well as the lock. Even if the original locks on site were shipped with the standard C123 keyway Schlage cylinders, if they were keyed, for example, to a master key system, the new locks will need to be keyed to match since the existing cylinders cannot be reused.

However, if the existing system is a Schlage, Corbin, Yale, Sargent or Medeco full size interchangeable core, you are in luck because the new AD series locks are available in all of these interchangeable core preps. AD series locks are also available in small format interchangeable core prep (Best, Arrow, Falcon, KSP).

Another change in certain models is the location of the door position switch (DPS). On the AD series models, it appears that in most cases in which a DPS is required it is located about one inch lower than in the corresponding obsolete unit.

These issues are not insurmountable, but installers and estimators need to be aware of them to avoid installation and pricing problems.

Check out the Schlage web site for more information. They have excellent documentation available online. Much of the info for this article was derived from their "AD Series Retrofit Template Overlays." This document not only shows you how the new locks line up with old preps and which decorative plates you will need, it also shows you how the lock can retrofit over the preps of competitors' locks. Smart marketing and convenient, too.


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      Tom Rubenoff 7 years ago from United States

      That's right. Keep on. :)

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      eovery 7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Interesting. So, I am looking for some new locks.

      Keep on hubbing!