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Scotts Fertilizer Coupons

Updated on June 3, 2012

Scotts fertilizer coupons can save you money on many of their lawn care products, including Scotts Turf Builder. This page will help you find the best 2012 Scotts coupons and information about many of their products

As the 2012 Summer season approaches, many people will begin working on their lawns, plants and flowers. Many of these products can be expensive, so finding discounts on Scotts products can help you save money. The Scotts Company may be best know for their fertilizers, but they make a variety of lawn care products. Some of the well known products in the Scotts family include Miracle-Gro and Osmocote plant foods, Round-Up weed killer and Ortho insect and weed control products. Scotts' products can be found at most home improvement centers like The Home Depot, Lowe's and Ace Hardware. Discount stores such as Wal-Mart and Target also carry some Scotts products.

Where To Find 2012 Scotts Fertilizer Coupons and Discounts

When starting your search for Scotts coupons, a good place to start is on their official website, The company will occasionally offer printable coupons for some of their products. These coupons are typically available for a limited time, so check the site frequently for new offers. You can also register on the site to receive coupons and special offers by e-mail.

There are other sites on the Internet that offer printable coupons for Scotts. Sites like Fat Wallet and Coupon Cabin may have coupons available from time to time. These sites usually have multiple coupons listed, but they are typically for specific products and are often no longer valid. You should view all the coupons to find one that meets your needs. Some sites require registration to view their coupons.

Discounts on Scotts products can often be found. Retailers may put Scotts products on sale. Most large retailers will have sale papers inserted in your local newspapers. You can also search your store's website to see what products their carry and current discounts.

Scotts MLB Authentic Collection Video

Scotts MLB Authentic Collection

Do you want your lawn to have the appearance of a Major League Baseball field? Scotts may be able to help with their MLB Authentic Collection. This grass seed is made up of the same types of grass used at several Major League ballparks. You can use the same compositions as Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, Great American Ballpark, Busch Stadium or Citizens Bank Park. Many of these products are only sold in specific regions of The United States. Check with your local retailer for availability.

The Scotts Company Products

The Scotts Company makes a variety of lawn and garden products.

Scotts Lawn Fertilizers include several different types of Turf Builder, including Turf Builder with 2% iron, Green MAX Southern Lawn, and Natural Lawn Food.

Miracle-Gro plant food is designed to give your plants, flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs the nutrients they need to grow hearty and healthy.

Osmocote is a plant food that is slowly delivered so your plants can receive nutrients when needed.

Ortho makes a line of weed killers and pest control products. Many of these products are available in liquid or powder. Their bug killer products helps to control fire ants, mice and other lawn bugs.

Roundup is a popular grass and weed killer. Roundup is sprayed directly on the weed and claims to kill it at the root. You should be careful when using Roundup because it may kill wanted grasses, flowers and shrubs.

Scotts Lawn Service

If you prefer to have someone else take care of your lawn, Scotts Lawn Service can do all the work and allow you to simply enjoy the results. The Scotts Lawn Service professionals will evaluate you lawn and treat it with quality Scotts products. You can locate a Scotts Lawn Service near you by visiting their official website,

Scotts Lawn Service Commercial

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