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Seach for a Home in Louisville, KY

Updated on September 30, 2009

I Want to Buy a Home in Louisville, KY

With the advent of free advanced search tools that allow you to easily browse local MLS listings for a new home in Louisville, buying a home has never been easier. In fact, because of the availability of these MLS search tools a tremendous amount of power has been transferred from real estate agents to home buyers. As a real estate agent, I think this direction in home buying will result in the general public becoming much more aware of the home buying process, and even better, much more engaged throughout the process.

In my experience working with home buyers in the Louisville, KY area, I have found that by giving my customers access to free MLS search tools our communication has greatly improved. Typically, home buyers know in some detail exactly what they are looking for in a new home, but they may not be able to convey that to me as an agent effectively. By searching on their own for a new home and then sending me those MLS listings, I can quickly learn important details about homes that most interest my clients. Then, using that information I can better utilize my market knowledge and experience to help my clients narrow down their choices and locate the best home for their needs.

Here are the basic steps you can use to search for a home in the Louisville, KY area to best communicate with your agent, plus to save time and minimize expense when finding your new home.

  1. Locate a good website that includes all available homes for sale in Louisville, KY. Make sure the website allows you to save your listings, email your listings and allows you to research additional information about real estate in the general area.
  2. Begin your home search in a very general manner. Only select a few initial parameters such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a basic price range and a broad area over which to search. The reason for being very general in the beginning is because you are trying to learn as much as you are able about the possible homes in the area to start your search. You may find that homes in the price range and area you initially select will begin to exhibit similar characteristics and that information will be helpful to you as you begin to narrow your search. In addition, you may find a home that could perfectly fit your needs but be just slightly outside of more stringent home search parameters.

Search MLS Louisville, KY
Search MLS Louisville, KY

Once you have a general overview of the market and what homes are available, begin to narrow your search by selecting additional search parameters and further refining the home search. Now is a good time to begin to communicate the homes that most interest you to your real estate agent. With your agent's help, it will be possible to locate other suitable homes and to remove homes from your list that may have issues that your agent is aware of or homes that may not meet your financing needs.

I hope this Hub has been helpful to you in your search for a new home! The free MLS search tools available to home buyers in the Louisville, KY area are an excellent ways to begin your search for a new home!


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