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Self Feeding Fireplace Grate Guide!

Updated on January 14, 2014

What’s A Fireplace Grate?

Well as the name implies, it’s essentially a vessel or holder made from solid metal and is intended to hold burning logs. In addition, their primary function is to ensure that the fire burns efficiently and at its maximum potential.

That being said, there are three main kinds of fireplace grates available in the market:

  1. The first one is made of cast iron and is used primarily for burning logs and coals, much due to the fact that it has comparatively smaller gaps which allow the log to last longer on the grate.
  2. The second one is a steel bar fireplace grate. This one has a fairly wide spread in comparison to the previous one, and therefore, is only ideal for burning woods. Moreover, the thicker the bars of the grate are, the longer is its durability.
  3. The third one is also known as a grate-heater. This basically has hollow tubes that gust out hot air into the entire room and is regulated with a thermostat. These grates serve the purpose well, but are relatively expensive.

High Efficiency Smokeless Grate

This is my grate after just 5 minutes with damp wood (see below). It took me years to discover that there are better more efficient ones out there.
This is my grate after just 5 minutes with damp wood (see below). It took me years to discover that there are better more efficient ones out there.

Why Should I Consider Buying A Self Feeding Fireplace Grate?

The importance of having a proper fireplace grate cannot be denied. It’s an integral element of any fireplace. Without it, you will never get to experience the true warmth a fireplace can provide.

  • First and foremost, it makes it possible for everyone to set up a fireplace and take delight in it, even those without a chimney. You can just place it in a corner (or wherever you wish) of the room and light up a fire. So, no more do you have fret about having a proper fireplace. The grate in itself is one!
  • Secondly, having a fireplace grate is a terrific way of ensuring that the log burns properly, generating maximum heat and flame. Well the grate is designed in such a way that the lower side of the wood is elevated, which means that more air is allowed to be sucked in from the bottom, and therefore ensues powerful flames (which translate to a greater warmth level). So in short, it ensures top burn maximum quality. Moreover, due to the lower side of the log being raised up, your floor is saved from being damaged by excessive heat.

Another great advantage of a fireplace grate is that it offers a lot of convenience in burning the log. You have to place it on the log and light it up. This is made easier due to the gap present between the floor and the wood’s lower portion. Plus placing one in your room will add realism and completeness to your fireplace.

Popular Self Feeding Fireplace Grates

As with any product, there’s a variety of self feeding fireplace grates from different brands in the market, each of which has its own share of pros and cons. What’s perfect for one person may not be ideal for you. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the market, read reviews of different people regarding the product’s positives and negatives, so as to get a better understanding on which product best meets your requirements and budget too.

That being said, here are some popular choices of self feeding fireplace grates based on quality, efficiency and price:


Mr. Flame 27" Fireplace Grate:

There’s no going wrong when it comes to the Mr. Flame fireplace grate. Over the years, this brand has developed a strong reputation of producing top quality fireplace grates and that too at competitive prices.

This one is a cast iron self feeding fireplace grate with a size of 21 inches and weighs approximately 43lbs. One standout feature of this grate is that it’s multi-functional. In simple words, when rotated to the backside, the iron rod serves as “fire back”, generating more heat in the entire room, plus it exposes more of the fire. And when turned to the front side, it ensures that the fire burns powerfully and for a longer time.

All in all, this grate will add tremendously to your fireplace experience and at a price of $179.95, seems a worthy buy.


Large Cast Iron Deep-Bed Fireplace Grate:

This is another fantastic self feeding fireplace grate made by “Plow & Hearth®”, a well reputed brand. This is also made from cast iron and comes with the following dimensions: width (22 inches) and depth (15 ½ inches). In addition, this grate has a total of six legs to provide utmost support.

This grate has a deep bed design to ensure that the logs remain in the center at all times. Moreover, its self feeding structure keeps the wood and coals together, so that it burns more efficiently, with maximum heat generation.

This fireplace grate comes at a price of approximately $99.95. So, if you happen to be someone on a tight budget, this grate is ideal for you. It gives quality and efficiency at a reasonable price.

Self Feeding Grate Recommendation:


T-Series High Efficiency Fireplace Grate by Grate Wall of Fire:

Grate Wall of Fire needs no introduction. It’s one of the best fireplace grate brands at present. Their T-series grates are uniquely designed and offer a number of options then other grates (although at a higher price).

The dimensions of the T-series grate are 19 inches (height), 26 inches (width) and 14 inches (depth), with a total weight of 37 pounds. Furthermore, it features a patented ember chamber that ensures the drafts don’t enter under the fire (a usual situation with other grates).

The cost of this fireplace grate is about $219.00, which is pretty high in comparison to good quality grates. That said, it’s superior burning quality and design somewhat justifies the high price tag.

My Grate Wall Of Fire Self Feeding Grate In Action!

This is the fire in our fireplace after 10 minutes (see it at after just 5 minutes above).
This is the fire in our fireplace after 10 minutes (see it at after just 5 minutes above).

What Kind Of Grate Do You Want?

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