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How to grow your own fresh chemical free vegetables

Updated on October 5, 2012
Home Garden at Cottage Craft Works
Home Garden at Cottage Craft Works
Hoss Wheel Hoe
Hoss Wheel Hoe
Hoss Double Wheel Hoe
Hoss Double Wheel Hoe

Find books and some of the best American made garden tools at Cottage Craft Works to provide the freshest chemical free vegetables.

From the early settlers and up into the 1950s growing your own food in a home garden was the basic necessity to living. From 1910 the Planet Junior Garden Cultivator became the most popular garden cultivator ever sold. The Garden was the only family source for fresh produce and vegetables. Entire families took part in the process from planting, weeding and processing the harvest for the long winter months to come.

The American Made Hoss Wheel Hoe is an exact replica of the famous Planet Junior. Other cultivators were made, but the Planet Junior was considered the “King of Garden Cultivators” Planet Junior made other farm and garden equipment.

Cottage Craft Works carries the Hoss Wheel Hoe along with all the accessories for making them a complete garden machine. They are light weight easy to maneuver and fairly inexpensive to purchase.

As the 1950s closed larger commercialized farms, refrigeration, improved roads and trucks brought vegetables to local stores. Having a home garden and food storage no longer was required to sustain a family. As the commercialization continued through the 60s and 70s most people forgot that vegetables could even be grown in a home garden.

People are once again discovering the benefits of home gardening and returning to this self-sufficient way of life. It is a healthy lifestyle change not only for the exercise aspects but for the chemical and contaminates free produce grown in a home garden. Some are going totally Organic while others are able to control and know what is being used on the food they feed to their families.

Cottage Craft Works is a sustainable living online old time general store featuring many books on home gardening and food preservation. Cottage Craft Works also carries a full line of gardening tools and equipment that are all American quality made and used in sustainable living lifestyles

See all the quality American made garden products at


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