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Selling homes in less desirable neighborhoods

Updated on March 3, 2014
Los Angeles real estate
Los Angeles real estate | Source

Selling your home can be concerning, particularly at times of widespread economic crisis. The good news is that if you want to sell a home in a less desirable neighborhood you’ll find property prices hold up better. You need to be aware that your home is competing against homes for sale in better neighborhoods and that your home will probably be much bigger than properties of the same price in a good area. You can take advantage of this fact by ensuring that your home is staged to attract buyers. One great advantage of living in a less desirable neighborhood is that the area can only get better, nice neighborhoods can get bad. Before selling your home, find out about any new developments that may increase the value of your neighborhood, as this information will prove attractive to buyers. Finally, ensure you hire a good realtor and be prepared to personally market your home on the internet, as two out of three prospective home buyers begin searching online.

Stucco exteriors do not need painting
Stucco exteriors do not need painting | Source

Tidy the house before putting it up for sale

Before trying to sell a home in a less desirable neighborhood, ensure it is displayed to best effect. It is not the case that the home should have expensive renovations that are above the typical standards for the neighborhood, but it should have a tidy appearance. Ensure the grass in the yard is mowed regularly and you could also perhaps add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior.

Home staging may help achieve a quick sale

Home staging can be a useful tool to use if you want a quick sale and to achieve the best price for your home. Home staging entails getting rid of any clutter and improving the overall appearance of your home, from a design perspective. Family photographs and personal ornaments should be kept to a minimum and the home should appear bright, warm and inviting. You want your prospective purchaser to view your home from the perspective of whether or not it could be their new home. One great benefit to staging your home is that you will have packed away many of your personal items prior to your removal date.

Home staging can attract buyer interest
Home staging can attract buyer interest | Source

Point out security devices

If you are attempting to sell a home in a less desirable neighborhood where crime is a big problem, you should draw your buyer’s attention to every security device you have fitted in the home. You may also wish to consider installing security bars on all your first floor windows, prior to marketing the home for sale.

Try marketing your real estate on the internet

Many house buyers begin their home searches online, if your realtor does not offer much internet marketing for properties then you should be prepared to market your home personally on some popular sites. Popular internet sites that offer opportunities for you to market your home are, or

It's a wrap......

If you take heed of these useful pointers, you’ll have no problem selling your home. Finally, one of the most important tips to ensure you sell a home in a less desirable neighborhood is that you must be prepared to sell at a realistic price and drop your price, if necessary.

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