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Septic Problems 101

Updated on March 31, 2010

What happens when.......

Problem: septic system malfunction
Problem: septic system malfunction

Things I have learned about Septic problems the hard way!

Let me start by saying that when you hear the toilet bubbling as someone is showering you may have a problem. My daughter was just doing this tonight. She likes to exercise in the shower so her showers are unusually long. Her theory is that way she sweats and washes it off all while in the shower, go figure.

Anyway I heard the sound that all septic owners dread, the bubbling toilet sound. Yep lately when it rains really hard and I run the dishwasher, washer or take a shower I have been hearing this dreaded sound. Now I tried the easy fix of having it pumped out since it had been a while. I also tried pouring the friendly bacteria down the toilet so it would eat the solids, lovely thought right? But all this has been in vain.

I now know that one of the fill lines must be crushed and the solution lies in digging up the tank, finding the fill lines and then correcting this problem. Easier said than done when you septic system is homemade, over 100 years old, and we have no idea where the fill lines are if any. So with that said I will under take the task of helping a friend (male) use the backhoe, dig up that sucker and figure out what is wrong with it.

Sounds like fun now doesn't it? What more can I put on my resume of life? I have pretty much done just about anything that you can imagine when it comes to repairs and saving money on such repairs. Just last night I helped, more like watched, as my friend replaced the pump in my washer that recently went out. Oh the bearings are also going but we haven't gotten the parts yet for that. Yeah it is really loud as it spins but I just don't wash late at night or it will keep you awake, and the neighbors.

Back to the septic system, we will need to find if there are any the fill lines. Replace them if necessary and then repair the tank lid that got broke years ago. All this ought to be interesting and nasty to do. I don't look forward to this project but yet it must get done. Nothing worse than when the water starts to overfill in the tank and it bubbles up to the surface right by the back door. See photo above.

Anyone who has advice or tips is more than welcome to send them on to me. I will let you know what happens as it ought to be an adventure worth noting. Wish me luck.


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      Gerald 7 years ago

      you might have a vent in the wall that is plugged. It might not be your setpic