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The Question Shoppers Avoid: What is Sex Like on a Memory Foam Mattress?

Updated on December 27, 2013

That's right, I said it: "sex." It's the word so many people seem to dodge, ever so effortlessly, whenever they shop for a new mattress. People just seem to be bashful about it, but who are we kidding? If you show up to a mattress store with your husband, everyone knows that sex will happen, right? So why so timid about it? After all - knowing what sex is going to be like on your new mattress can truly make or break the deal. Because no matter how comfortable a mattress is, if it's going to make sex less enjoyable, then how is it even remotely worth the price? But it's not just the customers who skirt the issue.

The majority of people buying a mattress are going to do more on it than just sleep. They're going to read books, watch tv, and make love on their beds. So why is it that even most mattress guides only talk about sleeping on memory foam, not all the other things we'll do on it? No one wants to ask the salesperson what sex on a memory foam mattress is like, and the salesperson doesn't want to spill the beans either! It's an unfortunate and unnecessary mess. So, without further ado, I'm going to attempt to answer your questions for you, to the best of my abilities, with regard to sex on memory foam mattresses. And before you ask... yes, in fact, I do own one... so this is the voice of experience talking- ;).

Here's a look at that important, touchy question that could have a huge effect on your sexual relationship:

A memory foam bed is one of the most comfortable sleeping surfaces out there. Just about everyone agrees that a good foam mattress is far and away better than any other kind. But not everyone agrees about how it feels to make love on one. Some people really love it, and others find that the movement capturing features of a foam bed just slow them down.

The kind of foam these mattresses are made of keeps movement from being spread through the whole mattress. That means a restful night's sleep, even if your bed partner is a restless sleeper. But it makes sex feel different, and some people don't enjoy it as much on a memory foam mattress or topper.

Major benefits of having sex on this kind of mattress include fewer pressure points, so you won't get sore knees and elbows, or put one leg to sleep. No one ends up feeling uncomfortable on memory foam. Plus, the bed is quiet. Unlike innerspring mattresses, which can tell all the neighbors in your apartment building just what you're up to, memory foam mattresses are nearly silent. You won't waste energy, and many people find that they climax more quickly when they're making love on memory foam. There's also no need to hang onto the headboard or the sides of the mattress - you stay put on memory foam.

Of course, there are some drawbacks, too. Since memory foam changes according to temperature, and your body heat goes up during sex, you might find that the mattress gets too soft. People who don't enjoy sex on memory foam say it's like making love on a marshmallow. The ability of this foam to absorb motion also means it's harder to move easily. Energetic couples who like to spend a lot of time rolling around might feel like the mattress is making them stay put.

About sixty percent of foam mattress owners say their mattress is just fine for sex, while the remaining forty percent thought it wasn't up to par. If you're willing to adjust what you do to your bed, the chances of enjoying yourself go way up. That means taking a little time to think about the easiest way to make love on a foam bed. But if you can do it, you'll get to enjoy a comfortable sleeping surface that's still great for sex, as well. And you won't have to ask the sales person about it!


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