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Shabby Chic Dining Table and Chairs

Updated on January 24, 2018

Shabby Chic Dining Table and Chairs: French Country Dining Set

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in your home. You entertain your guests here, and spend time in the room every day. If you're looking to add a bit more cozy yet classy appeal to your dining area, consider implementing a shabby chic dining table and chairs to really put the look over the top. These pieces will add an element of class without robbing your space of warmth.

This article is all about shabby chic dining sets, and we'll talk about what makes up a shabby chic dining table and chairs and how to use them properly in your home. We'll mention where you might locate a set like this on your own, and touch on what you can expect to pay for these pieces, as well as a few tips to get them on the cheap!

Let's get started!

What Is a Shabby Chic Dining Table?

Shabby chic is a cool new trend in interior design. It's actually an old concept: add a vintage look to your home with a twist. The concept is to use pieces with vintage flair, a slightly worn (loved) appearance, and french country design cues. The color scheme is generally comprised of the following elements:

  • light colors
  • whites
  • pastels

With the shabby chic interior design trend, the goal is really to get as unique a piece as possible.

Shabby chic dining sets should be just that: unique. Anything that looks like it might be a hundred years old or more is a great option. Solid wood is a plus, and scrapes, scuffs and paint imperfections are ideal. Some people will actually 'distress' perfectly new pieces of furniture to achieve this look.

A shabby chic dinner table and chairs should include all of these elements. Look for something solid, simple yet classy, and with the appearance of having been loved. French country dining tables often have this look. For those reasons, you should search for those shabby chic elements to start.

Where to Find and Buy: Shabby Chic Dining Table and Chairs

You can actually find a shabby chic dining table and chairs in many popular retail outlets these days, since the style of rustic dining tables has really taken off in recent years. These pieces will have all of the charm and distressing already done for you, so you just have to take them home. You'll want to make sure your shabby chic dining set is of good quality: avoid particle board, try to find solid wood pieces. Prices for these items can be moderate, but quality varies.

Another option is to find a professional furniture distresser. I suggest trolling the local classifieds for these people. As a hobby, they will create items like your shabby chic dining set by finding old antiques and repainting and distressing them to achieve this look. Since they know exactly the look you're going for and can implement it extremely well, it's a great option.

Antique furniture stores are good sources of shabby chic dining tables and chairs, and they often have great selection. The distressing will likely already have been done for you by the previous owners, so you just have to take it home. Antiques can be expensive, but they're generally well made and will last a long time (and continue to increase in value!)

Create Your Own: Shabby Chic Table and Chairs

If you've got a good 'base' set of furniture in your home already, why bother going out and buying something new? Really all that's needed to create a good shabby chic dining table and chairs is a bit of hard work, some good quality paint and finish work, sandpaper, and a vision of what you want to achieve. It's amazing what a coat of paint will do for a tired looking pieces of furniture.

The basic concept is, paint your shabby chic dining set to be with a coat of lighter colored paint. Then sand down the corners and edges intentionally, to make it look worn. You can distress the furniture using chains and found objects. Once you're done with that, get a good quality (but low shine) finish to protect the bare wood. This is important, because you'll be exposing the wood to liquids and foods.

If you've got a piece of solidwood furniture, don't be afraid to sand off the previous paint and expose some natural finish, like the picture of the blue table above. Natural wood tones are very complimentary to a shabby chic dining table and chairs, and they'll give it that nice French country vibe you're likely looking for.

Shabby Chic Dining Table and Chairs

Whatever route you end up following to find your shabby chic table and chairs set, just be sure to pick out a quality piece made of solid wood, something that will last a long time. In a worst case scenario, if your tastes change, you can always sand down the table and refinish it to a new look. Wood furniture is a great investment like that.

Good Luck!

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