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Shark Cordless Sweeper: A Review

Updated on November 30, 2010

I’m usually do pretty thorough and in-depth research before purchasing a product. In the case of my Shark cordless sweeper, I must say it was somewhat of an impulse buy. I was having coffee at a little café with a friend of mine close to closing time and noticed someone vacuuming up the place with a Shark sweeper. Now, having kids and pets, I was intrigued. In fact, I was watching this process rather intently, so much so my friend noticed. She is a parent like me and she told me she LOVED her cordless sweeper, in fact, she said she uses hers everyday. I noticed the café employee was using a Shark and asked her what kind she had. Trouble was, she couldn’t remember if it was a Shark, Bissell, etc.. but thought they were all pretty much the same.

I do love coupons, I keep them in my car or on my person at all times. I happened to have one of those fantastic Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons with me, so after coffee I was off to the store to look at the Shark cordless sweeper. I thoroughly checked out the floor model, loved how light it was, studied the rotating sweeper bristles and thought it looked perfect for the debris, but more importantly for the pet hair that rapidly accumulates. 20% off coupon in hand, I was out of BB&B in a record 20 minutes with my new Shark VX-3 Cordless Floor and Vacuum cleaner.

With mounting excitement, I assembled my Shark cordless sweeper, a simple task only involving shoving a few pieces into other pieces. I looked around my family room and saw the terror on the little dust bunnies faces, which gave me great pleasure. Now, here came the profound disappointment, the darn thing had to properly charge before use. As much as I wanted to ignore that little part of the directions and suck up all the hair, I plugged it in and it was ready for action in 24 hours

Shark Cordless Sweeper
Shark Cordless Sweeper

The Moment of Truth: How Does the Shark Cordless Sweeper Perform?

Even though it was tremendously hard for me, I let all the hair and dirt stay to see what this little wonder machine could handle. I wasn’t about to help it out with a good broom and dust pan. I unplugged it and set it to the bare floor setting. I turned it on and was pleased by how quiet it was! My dog is petrified of the vacuum cleaner and the sound of the Shark didn’t send him fleeing to his regular hiding place. I went straight over to the dust bunny that was bothering me the most, a huge conglomeration of dog hair that had settled into a corner. With the Shark in hand and pure optimism, I rolled over that hair ball with conviction. But, alas... it was still there. I figured I'd just "missed it" somehow, so I rolled back over that bad boy again. Guess what? Still there.

Such behavior exhibited by the Shark cordless sweeper is the impetus for my following, not so raving view of this particular sweeper...

Shark VX3 Cordless Floor and Carpet Sweeper

Pros of the Shark Cordless Sweeper: The VX-3 Model

Don't get me wrong, there are some pros for this sweeper! Let me explain to you what they are:

  • This sweeper is light, and I mean very light. In fact it weighs in at just a meager 4 pounds. Now, this is great for maneuverability and people with back problems, like myself. In fact, it's one of the reasons I choose this sweeper over some of the others. You can carry it around your house and up and down stairs without straining.
  • It has a folding handle that allows you to get under anything. Again, this is a very back-friendly feature, no more leaning over to get under your couch and other furniture.
  • It's fairly quiet, you can have a little conversation while it's running, unlike with a traditional vacuum cleaner.
  • I love its no-touch dirt disposal system. You press a lever with your foot and off comes the canister with the attached handle. You push another button and the canister/reservoir open up for simple dumping over a trash can.
  • Its battery charges for long periods of time, in fact I can clean my whole house and it's still going strong. It says it has enough charge for 50 minutes, but I've found it goes a lot longer than that.
  • I do adore how it's cordless. I hate having cords in the way and inadvertently running over them.
  • The two speeds are nice, the lower speed is supposed to be for the floor and the higher speed for carpets. I often end up using the higher speed for the bare floors, however. It just seems to need that extra power to pick up the debris.
  • It does a decent job on carpet, not like you'd get from a traditional vacuum cleaner, but I was pleasantly surprised by its performance.
  • It's great for spills in the kitchen, like sugar, for example.  I spilled my entire sugar canister the other day and the Shark quickly took care of it.

Cons of the Shark Cordless Sweeper

As you can see above, this sweeper does have a lot of great features. However, it does have some significant cons as I will list below.

  • As I've already mentioned, this sweeper does not pick up pet hair well at all. If you do manage to roll over the hair enough times for it to properly catch it, it will invariably spit it back out (and often in the worst location!).
  • It spits out/regurgitates its contents, even when the canister is next to empty.  It's infuriating!  This happens frequently, but is almost a guarantee when you go from a bare floor to the carpet.  I theorize the debris doesn't quite make it into the canister and is just clinging onto the brushes, so it's dislodged when you hit the carpet.

Now, I realize this is a short list of cons with a much larger list of pros, but the trouble is, the cons are pretty serious.  No doubt, I much prefer my Shark to traditional sweeping for many reasons, so this is a step up.  I don't use my broom and dust pan anymore.

If you don't have any pets, so pet hair isn't a problem, I'd say this sweeper is adequate.  I've had it for over a year now without any malfunction or parts breaking, so I've been pleased enough with the quality.  Finally, it's priced well compared to many of the sweepers out there today.


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