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Shopping for a Garden Cart

Updated on June 15, 2011

shopping for a garden cart

A cart, wagon or a wheelbarrow will reduce the amount of labour you have to do in your garden and save wear and tear on your back. Before deciding which one to buy, it is best to ask yourself how you will use it.

The wheelbarrow in the photograph was useful last year when I was hauling soil from a garden three block away from home to my backyard. It was easy to maneuver and dumping the soil was simple.

In addition, I could move the herbs I was setting out around the yard to follow the sun and then wheel them back into the garage at night as it was still too cool to leave them out.

This year we are in a new location and the yard is considerable larger. There is a storage shed at the back of the property which is being transferred into a gardening shed. I need a four wheel cart to move plants, shrubs, dwarf trees, etc from the back gate to the shed where they will be kept until the weather is right for being put out into the yard and into their containers. The cart will be used to move the containers as well.

The cart will also hold tools and will carry soil and compost when needed. I see the cart as my portable work station where I can keep my water bottle, for personal use, gardening gloves, trowel and whatever else I need as I move around the yard.

I use the Internet to find out what models are on the market, look for reviews and compare costs. I will not be buying this item online as I can get one from a local retailer which I prefer to do; however, I can do my pre-shopping or research before visiting the local stores. This way I have an idea of what is available, what I want, what the price range is and what I am able and willing to pay.

The online photos allow me to see what the various models look like and YouTube even provides a few useful videos.

A wagon was the first thought, possibly because of fond memories of the red wagon I played with in my early years. However, a garden cart offers a wider range of possibilities and will suit my purposes better.

The yard is gravel and rock, so I need a cart that can negotiate this terrain without bogging down. The yard also slopes towards the back. It needs to be able to carry some weight and negotiate the space without tipping.

Now that I have dome my virtual window shopping and thought about why I want the cart, I can visit a few local merchants and make an informed purchase.

wheelbarrow and herbs

Bob Ewing photo
Bob Ewing photo


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  • Bob Ewing profile image

    Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

    Thanks, and thanks for dropping by.

  • lovelypaper profile image

    Renee S 8 years ago from Virginia

    Great hub! I love the gardening hubs.

  • Bob Ewing profile image

    Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

    Shipping would be a major cost, thanks for dropping by.

  • brsmom68 profile image

    Diane Ziomek 8 years ago from Alberta, Canada

    Nice Hub! I am in the market for a garden cart as well, as the wheelbarrow (like the one pictured above) is too tippy for some projects. Nothing worse than filling it, only to have it tip and spill all over the ground. I hadn't thought of researching online...thank you for the idea. I also agree buying online is most likely not feasible, as shipping cost for an item such as this would be phenomenal.