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Are Cheap Slow Cookers Worth Buying?

Updated on April 19, 2013

Looking at The Benefits Of Cheap Slow Cookers - Are They Worth Buying?

We've all been there, come home from a hard day’s work and the last thing you feel like doing is cooking a meal. Not being able to face cheese on toast again, you ended up spending money you don’t have on a takeaway. You then feel guilty for succumbing to straying away from your new year’s goal of eating healthier. This is where slow cookers come to the fore.

Healthy Food, Ready When You Are.

You arrive home and are greeted by a hot, healthy meal, ready to be served straight away. You are greeted, not by the question of what to cook, but by the lovely aromas emanating from below the bubbling lid. And think of all that time saved from being stuck in the kitchen when it really doesn't appeal. No preparing and cooking the ingredients when you get in, all you need to do is dish up the food, serve, and enjoy!

Slow cooked meals
Slow cooked meals
cheap slow cooker
cheap slow cooker
Slow cooker settings
Slow cooker settings


Slow cookers have been around for a while, having been introduced in 1970s, and are still popular now.They have increased in popularity in recent years due to the economic turmoil as they are very inexpensive to use, requiring only a similar amount of electricity as a light bulb to cook. In addition to being cheap to run, they are also excellent at tenderizing cheaper cuts of meat and for making perfect soups and casseroles from cheap root vegetables.


There are three main parts; the lid, the inner pot and the outer body. The lid is often clear so you can see the lovely food inside. The inner pot is where the food cooks, and most can be removed for washing. Look for a model that has a dishwasher safe inner pot if you use one. The outer body of the oven contains the heating element. Heat from outer body warms the inner pot to cook the food.


The cheapest models are usually smaller than more expensive options but still sufficient for 1-2 persons. They will usually have at least two settings; high and low, and some will have a keep warm or auto setting as well. More expensive models can have timers for a delayed start, some will be oval in shape to cook whole birds, and size and design can be larger and more stylized. But, for most occasions, and for 1-2 persons, a cheap slow cooker will be ideal for providing cheap and easy, tasty and wholesome meals.


You can spend a lot of money on a slow cooker but you don’t really need to. Most cookers are made in similar way and a cheap model will serve you just as well for most occasions.


Slow cookers are best at cooking healthy foods rich in vegetables, for tenderising meats and making winter warming soups, stews and casseroles. But, with a little bit of know-how, the can be used to cook other dishes such as pastas and dessert puddings. Most recipe cookbooks with cover the basics plus receipes for dishes you may be surprised to learn can be cooked in the slow cooker. With practice they can be much more than a utensil for making soups. The trick to avoiding bland meals, which is often the criticism of slow cookers, is seasoning. Use a selection of herbs and spices to add flavor and enhance the taste of the main ingredients and you will have tasty meals that you will want to have again.

Do you use a cheap slow cooker?

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    • jasmith1 profile image

      Adrian Smith 5 years ago from UK

      pbsandwichofdoom - I felt nervous about leaving something cooking whilst out too, the first few times but they are meant to be safe and we've never had any issues. :)

    • jasmith1 profile image

      Adrian Smith 5 years ago from UK

      Hi ChristyWrites, there are a lot of benefits to using a slow cooker and is lovely to prepare the food for it and then let it cook while you're out for the day - it feels like a bonus coming home to a cooked meal that you haven't had to do! Our cheap one has been great and worth investing in. Thanks for vote up and sharing Christy. :)

    • pbsandwichofdoom profile image

      Kathryn Lamoreux 5 years ago

      A good argument for the convenience and cost effectiveness of slow cookers. I always get nervous leaving something cooking when I'm not going to be in the house, but if slow cookers only use about as much power as a light bulb, I guess they probably can't be much of a fire hazard!

    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      My mom swears by her slow cooker. I do wish I had one and it's good you say there are cheaper ones. It seems like you can make good dinners without so much effort (some days are just not days I want to cook!). I vote up and will share too.