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Showerheads - When Hygiene Shower is Your Prior Concern?

Updated on October 24, 2016

My morning shower is one of the most important aspects of my daily routine. For me, an enjoyable shower in the morning is essential to feel fresh from within.

To begin a day with a refreshing shower is imperative towards making a great day for most of us. Dirty showerheads blockages in the showerheads can corrode the faucets. The mineral deposits and germs inside it may not offer clean and hygienic feel. Most of us hardly bother, if the shower that we take is sterile enough for us to fight the germs. There are a several kind of bacteria and mineral deposits that has a natural existence in the water. The worst part is that these microorganisms keep on multiplying and has an adverse effect on the overall well-being of a person.

To ensure that the showerheads are hygienic to use, you must clean them on a regular basis. The article highlights on the important tips to follow for thorough cleaning of the showerheads.

  1. Showerheads cleaning must be done after every six months to get rid of the harmful bacteria inside the nozzles of the shower faucets.
  2. Run hot water for more than 5 minutes through shower nozzles to flush off the bacterial film.
  3. Vinegar is a wonderful ingredient found in kitchens that effectively break down the germs, rust and lime for cleaning and unclogging the faucets. Just soak the nozzle in a mixture of salt and white vinegar for about 10-15 minutes for adequate cleaning. You may fill a zippered bag half way with vinegar and tie it on a showerhead.
  4. After a few minutes take an old toothbrush and scrub it properly through the nozzles and other areas for dislodging the loosened residue. Repeat 2-3 times until it gets completely free from blockages and dirt.
  5. Last, but not the least replace the showerhead of your bathroom every two years. Undoubtedly, cleaning the showerheads with vinegar is an effective remedy to keep the nozzles germ free, but these devices tend to accumulate a massive amount of debris over time and makes it challenging to clean them properly. Replacing a showerhead on a regular basis is always a right deal to make.

We often inhale the mist that is produced by the polluted water through these showerheads that may result in severe lung disease in the future. That is the reason; a clean showerhead becomes a gateway towards a hygienic and refreshing body shower.

With an array of showerheads available in the market, the need to pick one that suits your taste and the budget gets intense. Make a choice depending upon the size and space available in the bathroom. After all, your bathroom must not look messy and small. Always remember that you do not need to spend a huge amount for buying a decorative shower piece for your washroom. You can add that million dollar effect to it at the cost of a few dollars. Whether, top mount showerheads, standard wall mount or hand-held shower heads, you can find endless variety in the market. The great thing is that you can buy something that is within your budget and is equally convenient to clean.

At times, we pick those devices that looks sleek and have intricate patterns. Undoubtedly, aesthetic appeal is a factor that influence our decision of buying a showerhead, but the fact is that such faucets are difficult to clean compared to the simple and basic patterns.


How to Buy a Right Showerhead?

A showerhead enhances the look of your bathroom and needs regular cleaning. Complicated installations or complicated designs of the same do not only increase the burden of your pocket but also makes cleaning a difficult deal in the future.

Always ensure that a showerhead must have adjustable settings. It should also have energy and water saving mechanism installed in it. Also, the nozzles of the showerheads must not be very tiny as such nozzles get blocked easily and even cleaning them becomes a headache. It is advisable to buy metallic showerheads to plastic ones as plastic encourages the bacterial growth inside it.

Do not forget that your daily shower is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, and you must pick a showerhead that caters to your needs of cleanliness.


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