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Silk Sleeping Bag Liner - Comfort for Backpacking!

Updated on January 24, 2011

If you’re planning a backpacking trip, one of the most essential items you should include in your packing list is a silk sleeping bag liner. Unless you’re staying in cold countries, camping, or planning on really roughing it, you probably don’t need a full sleeping bag and a sheet sleeping bag will be sufficient. Silk sleeping bag liners pack down very small, dry quickly, keep you cool in hot weather and provide an extra layer of warmth in cold weather. They protect you from suspicious hostel beds and sheets and are great for cuddling up in when you have a long wait for your next flight or bus. If you’re looking to add a bit of luxury to your backpacking life then a silk liner sleeping bag is the answer!

Sheet sleeping bags have long been considered an essential for backpackers. Even if you plan to stay in hotels, you cannot always guarantee the cleanliness of the bedding that you are provided with and it’s always handy to have something to sleep in that you can use on buses or trains overnight. Sheet sleeping bags can be made simply from folding a cotton sheet in half and sewing down two sizes to make a bag, but you really won’t regret purchasing a proper silk sleeping bag liner.

Why Choose a Silk Sleeping Bag Liner?

Silk is an excellent material for travelers as it is extremely light and packs down very small. You’ll always have room for a silk sleeping bag liner, no matter how full your bag is. Silk is the perfect material for hot weather as it keeps your body cool and wicks sweat away from your body. It is also very efficient at keeping your body heat in when the temperature is cold, making it great for an extra level of comfort under your normal sleeping bag or hotel sheets. Sleeping bag liners also help to protect your sleeping bag so you can just wash the liner every now and again without having to clean the entire sleeping bag.

Traditional sleeping bag liners come in a rectangular shape but it is also possible to buy a mummy silk sleeping bag liner. This is great for fitting into mummy shaped sleeping bags and as it fits closer to your body can be warmer than rectangular shapes.  They also pack down slightly smaller than the rectangular liners as they use less material.

Which Silk Sleeping Bag Liner to Buy?

There are many types of silk sleeping bag liner available which vary in price. Although they are made of silk, these sleep sheets are not as expensive as they sound and can be bought quite cheaply in a range of different colors. For more top of the range models that are impregnated with antibacterial and anti mosquito agents and the silk mummy sleeping bag liner or cocoon silk sleeping bag liner style, expect to pay around $50.

When deciding which to buy, it can help to read a silk sleeping bag liner review of each model you are considering. Look for extra features like a stuff sack for easy storage, a pillow compartment that can be stuffed with clothes or other items for extra padding and the number of degrees the sleep sack will add to the temperature of your sleeping bag if you will be using it in cold climates.

The Sea to Summit silk sleeping bag liner range is a popular choice, made from premium grade colorfast silk with double folded seams for durability. The Sea to Summit 100% premium silk sleeping bag liner includes a built in pillow case and adds up to 10 degrees of warmth to your sleeping bag. It comes in different shapes including rectangular and mummy shaped, and even double sleeping bag, ranging from 4.6oz to 9oz in weight. It also comes in a range of colors including navy blue, eucalyptus green and jacaranda purple.


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