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Simple Yet Effective Ways To Save Energy At Home

Updated on January 4, 2014

How To Save energy at home

Saving energy has become the need of the hour and all environmentalists have constantly stressed on the importance of this action. Saving energy is a win-win situation for just about everyone on the planet. While it does wonders to conserve the environment, it also helps people save money, thus, increasing their bank balance. Unfortunately, many people are under the misconception that saving energy is not up to them when in reality conserving energy can begin from our very homes. Simple things like restricting energy utilization, taking proper precaution to avoid wastage and being considerate of other people’s needs are some simple ways to save energy at home. Listed below are some simple ways in which you can do your part in conserving energy and saving the environment.

Ways to save energy at home

Reduce Your Water Heater Temperature

At least once in a while everyone must have experienced this – running the hot water tap and pulling your hand back immediately because the water is too hot. This means your water heater temperature is too high. Obviously, when water is heated beyond a certain temperature, you need to wait for it to cool down and then you use it. This means that the energy used to heat the water to that temperature is wasted. To avoid this you can reduce your water heater’s temperature so that the water is warmed to the right temperature and no energy is wasted.

Turn Of The Lights And Fans When Not In Use

This is the most common advice many people come across while taking about conserving energy. You will be surprised to know that people can save up to 30 percent on their utility bill if they follow this method. While leaving your home, ensure that all your electric appliances, lights and fans are switched off so that no unnecessary energy usage takes place.

Avoid Multiple Baths A Day And Long Showers

Agreed hygiene is very important and that showering once a day is vital to ensure good health but that doesn’t mean you need to take multiple baths a day. At the most two quick showers a day is more than enough for a person to stay clean. Many people waste a lot of water taking long showers and leaving the water running while shampooing themselves. This results in a lot of energy and water wastage, which can be used for better purposes.

Co-ordinate With Family Members For All Your Washing Activities

If you use a washing machine and a dryer, it is best to coordinate with all your family members so that all your clothes can be washed at one go instead of using the machine multiple times a day. The same goes for coffee machines and electric cooking appliances. This way you can save money on electricity, which will benefit you most of all.

Unplug All Electric Appliances When Not In Use

One of the best ways to save energy at home is to unplug all electric appliances when not in use. There is absolutely no need to leave your computer monitor or microwave plug in the socket all night long when you’re not using it. Unplugging your appliances can help you save a lot of energy and money. Many people are not aware that even when not “switched on”, all electric appliances use a small trickle of energy.

Replace Your Regular Light Bulbs With CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs)

Studies have proven that CFLs can help you save more than $30 on electricity throughout its lifetime and covers its costs in less than 6 months. CFL bulbs last ten times longer than normal incandescent bulbs and also consume around 75 percent less energy. Moreover these bulbs are more environment friendly as they reduce mercury emission rates.

Fix All Air And Water Leaks In Your Home

This may seem like a very trivial step but can go a long way in saving energy. Researchers have found that people can save up to 10 percent of their energy usage by taking appropriate measures in fixing air and water leakages at home as well as ensuring improved insulation in their houses.

Energy conservation is such a vital issue that governments have initiated various energy saving programs that can help homeowners make their homes energy efficient. Leading home appliances brands have also joined hands for this cause and contributed by making energy efficient home appliances. Every small effort to save energy can contribute in a big way to make this planet a better and safer place to live in.


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