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Simple tricks to eliminate bad smells in your home

Updated on March 8, 2017

How to prevent those foul smells coming out your sink? What can help you eliminate food odors that stay in the kitchen? What can you do against paint or tobacco stench? Here are some useful tips to help you out.

It is completely normal for unpleasant smells to accumulate occasionally in certain areas of your home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. But there is no reason to despair because there are plenty of homemade tricks that can help us eliminate those odors. We've compiled 10 of the most useful, so take note, because they can be the solution you are looking for. There is nothing better than to feel comfortable in our home!

1. Perfume and vacuum

This little trick will help to get all your home smelling good: Dampen a pair of sheets of paper towel with your favorite perfume, with an air freshener, or some essential oil. Then put the paper in the vacuum bag. Every time you vacuum it will give off a pleasant scent.

2. Tobacco

Pour three tablespoons of vinegar on a damp cloth and shake it around for a few minutes. The vinegar neutralizes the smell of smoke. There are also candles that get rid of the smell, but this trick is cheaper!

A good tip is to put a handful of lavender mixed with wet sand on the bottom of the ashtray. The cigar heat will make the lavender release its aroma, and the sand absorb the odors.

3. Remove cooking odors

Certain foods give off an unpleasant odor. When you cook cauliflower, cabbage or broccoli, for example, add walnuts or hazelnuts (in their shell) into the cooking water. They will absorb the odors. To remove smells from cooking fish, add a slice of fresh ginger. And for baked fish, place it on aluminum foil with lemon or orange peels.

4. Mustiness

Something that often occurs after the holidays, when we have been a long time away from home. To remove the musty smell, dip a sponge (or more, depending on the rooms you have) in water until thoroughly wet and leave it in an open container such as a cup, bowl or dish. The sponge will absorb the odor.

And of course, do not forget to open as many doors and windows as you can. We also recommend using an essential oil reed diffuser, since they can last for months. One of the strategic locations to place it in the hallway, so do take note!

5. Paint

Before you start to paint a room in your house, pour a teaspoon of vanilla extract into the pint to reduce the odor. If you've already painted the room, you can place a container with some coffee beans or ground coffee.

6. Microwave

This trick works with any citrus fruit. Use a glass container that can go in the microwave and with a large lemon or an orange or half a grapefruit, sliced. Then fill the container halfway with hot water. Put the bowl in the microwave and cook for 5 minutes. If at the end of the 5 minutes the smell is not gone, continue for 1 or 2 more minutes. By the way, the steam this releases will help you clean the inside walls and the oven door.

7. Refrigerator

To reduce odors in the refrigerator you just have to wash it with hot water and vinegar. Give it 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it with clean water. You can then cut a lemon and leave the two halves inside, placing each in a different tray. But don’t forget to take them out after a few days before they rot!

If washing the fridge is not an option, place a cup of powdered coffee inside. Remember to change it every three days, or it will lose its effect. You can also use a cup of baking soda.

8. Furniture

Some furniture, especially the older one, tend to give off a rather unpleasant humidity odor. To remove it, clean the furniture with a mixture of cold water and baking soda with a clean cloth. Try not dampen the cloth too much so that any wood doesn’t spoil. For cabinets spread some freshly ground coffee. Close the cabinet and let the coffee act overnight. To remove it just use a vacuum cleaner.

9. Garbage

The easiest way to avoid bad odor coming from the trash is ... take out the trash! Empty your garbage cans and wash them with some bleach. A good trick is to add a handful of cat litter inside the bin, as this helps to absorb odors. You can also pour some into the garbage bag. Don’t forget to remove the sand every time you take out the trash.

10. Kitchen sink

It is important to avoid pouring fats (like oil) into the sink, since they can impregnate the walls of the pipelines and end up smelling bad. You should regularly pour a pot of boiling water and, once a month, a disinfectant like bleach into the drain and leave it overnight.


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