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Simplex Locks

Updated on January 12, 2010

Access Control Locks

Simplex Locks Is A Leading Provider Of Pushbutton Locks

Pushbutton locks are certainly not the only type of locks that Simplex develops. But they are certainly among the best. You’ll have a good amount of choices of high quality door locks by Simplex that will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for no matter what type of building you are looking to fill with pushbutton locks. Whether you are a hotel looking for card swipes, or a hospital looking for a secure keyless entry, Simplex locks will have what you need. Generally simplex locks are used to protect specific types of rooms that many people have access to and creating a large number of keys would be too much money.

Using pushbutton locks is pretty straight forwards. You will simply press in the 5-button combination into the lock, and the door will open. You will have a choice of a few different types of pushbutton locks such as dead bolts, slam latch, and lock switches for alarms, buttons in a circle or a vertical line and many other choices as well. It’s always a good idea to take your time doing your research.

When you are looking for a Simplex pushbutton lock it’s important that you are keeping convenience in mind, as well as security. Depending on the type of room that you will be placing this lock on you may need to have a variety of PIN access codes, or you’ll just need one. This is important to determine before you begin shopping.

If you need multi pin access codes the Eplex 5000 is going to be the best choice. There are hundreds of Simplex locks for you to choose from, and the only way that you are going to find exactly what you need is by making a list of its requirements. Once you have your list you can begin searching online for the best prices for what you need.

There are plenty of websites selling simplex locks and many other manufacturers as well. The thing that you need to ensure before selecting based on the price alone is that you are not going to be paying a ton of money on shipping. Many companies make up for their cheap price for the products by charging a ton of money for shipping.

Simplex Lock

The Many Keyless Entry Choices of Simplex Locks

Keyless entry locksets are often a necessity in healthcare facilities, educational offices, and so much more. There’s an array of choices with Simplex locks that will suit your requirements. You can find multi access codes for higher security and control, and single access codes for smaller offices. Before you begin searching for the perfect pushbutton keyless entry door lock you may want to first know exactly what you need. This is going to reduce the number of choices.

Simplex offers you many convenient ways to have total control over the access between public and private areas in any type of building whether it’s a school or hospital. Pushbutton locks do not require keys or cards. There are many solutions for any type of access control that help to increase safety, security and most importantly convenience.

Electronic access control is becoming increasingly more popular. The Eplex 5000 offers PIN access, 100 access codes, 3,000 audit events, and comes in cylindrical, mortise, exit and stand-alone access controllers with the entry/exit option. It’s an excellent choice for access based on schedules and can be managed through activity review through audit trail.

The Simplex 1000 is another excellent choice of Simplex locks. It provides you with a fully mechanical pushbutton access control that does not require any electrical wiring or batteries. This keyless entry lockset is priced just right and comes in a variety of finishes such as Satin Chrome, Bright Brass, Bright Chrome, and Antique Brass.

These are only two of their products that are worth looking into. You’ll find many other simplex pushbutton locks that you’ll want to look deeper into. The best way to find exactly what you are looking is to first determine what you need.

There’s no lack of places to purchase your Simplex locks online. It would be in your best interest for you to take your time looking at the different companies to purchase from. The cheapest price doesn’t necessarily mean a good experience. It’s important that you are certain that the company you purchase from is a solid company that offers good customer service. Let’s face it buying a product such as this may require you to talk with someone that has the answers to your questions. Talking with a knowledgeable company will make this process smoother, enjoyable and pretty much risk free.


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