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Simplify Cheese Serving with an Oneida Butcher Block Cheese Slicer

Updated on February 24, 2011

Do you frequently serve sliced cheese as a snack, meal accompaniment or party menu item? Are you tired of ending up with uneven slices or pieces that are just too thick to represent a reasonable serving size?

If you are looking for a tool that can simply slicing and serving cheese, you’ll be happy to learn about the Beechwood Butcher Block Cheese Slicer from Oneida. This compact cheese slicing board provides a great way to slice cheese quickly and easily and is an attractive addition to any kitchen or serving table.

About the Oneida Beechwood Butcher Block Cheese Slicer

The Oneida Beechwood Butcher Block Cheese Slicer is a well-made, handcrafted cheese cutting and serving tool. It is handcrafted from high quality beechwood, making it a durable and attractive choice for any kitchen. The block is the perfect size to slice and serve an eight-ounce rectangular block of cheese.

The unit features an attached stainless steel cutting wire with a handle. The cutting wire can easily slice through chunks of semi-soft cheese and many types of hard cheese quickly and easily. There is a cutting slot in the board below the point where the cutting wire strikes the bottom, allowing for a clean slice that goes all the way through the block of cheese that is being cut.

When you use the Oneida Beechwood Butcher Block Cheese Slicer, it’s easy to exert control over the thickness of the cheese slices that you cut. The powerful yet delicate cutting wire can produce wafer thin slices just as easily as it can cut thick ones. You also don’t have to worry about jagged edges or uneven chunks like you would if you were using a knife.

Caring for Your Beechwood Butche Block Cheese Slicer from Oneida

The Beechwood Butcher Block Cheese Slicer from Oneida is quite easy to care for. All you need to do is clean the unit after each use. Simply run the board under a stream of warm water in the kitchen sink. While the water is running, drag a knife or fork through the cutting slot to remove any cheese residue. Wipe the board down with a soapy damp dish towel, rinse, dry and store until you are ready to serve cheese again.

The cutting wire is covered by a lifetime warranty against breakage. If the wire should break, you simply need to return it to the manufacturer for replacement. The address is printed on a sticker affixed to the bottom of the board. You can also order extra wires for one dollar each. Full ordering details are provided on the insert that comes in the cheese slicer’s package.

Acknowledgement: Thank you to Oneida for providing me with an opportunity to review this product.


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