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Simplify Your Moving Experience with these Top Moving Tips to Make Life Easier

Updated on May 1, 2014

Ask the right questions before hiring a moving company

Are you insured?

Verify that the moving company has insurance and what the compensation level is if they damage or lose anything during transit. Every moving company has variations on their reimbursement from pennies on the dollar of the valued item to flat rates by weight, and some even offer further coverage for additional fees.

Is the equipment included in the moving fees?

Most moving companies will have a general hourly rate for the peron(s) who will be doing the heavy lifting of your move; however many will charge additional fees for things like tape, boxes, and even dollies that may seem like something that would already be included. In addition it’s good to know their mileage charges as well as if they have any special fees such as double travel time if driving on a highway.

What do you hate most about moving?

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5 Best Moving Practice Tops

Get Rid of Stuff to Reduce Moving Costs and Time

Moving is a great time to look at what items you can get rid of. Take a look at your belongings and divide them into things you just can’t live without and then things that you could sell or donate.

Essentials go in Your Overnight Bag

Chances are after your move you’re going to be tired and just want to sleep, make sure you have your bathroom necessities in an easy to reach bag such as a gym bag or overnight travel bag so you can quickly grab things like your toothbrush, shower gel, towel, etc.

Label Your Boxes with Content and Room

It is one thing to guess that the box labeled Dishes should probably go in the Kitchen. However how would a mover know the difference between John and Jane’s boxes of “clothing”? It’s also a good idea when labeling to place the identifiers on the side rather than the top as this way you can see what is in the boxes while they are stacked.

Clean Before You Move In, Not Just After

If you’re able too it’s usually a good idea to do a cleaning of at least your kitchen and bathroom areas prior to a move. This way you’ll have a clean place to eat as well as take a shower after a long day of moving.

Take a Photo of Electronic Hookups

If you’re like me you may hate having to setup the TV and Speaker systems in your new place. So many wires and which one goes where again? To make life a bit easier, simply snap a photo of the cables behind your TV and other devices before you take things apart and this way you’ll be able to visually see where everything should be plugged back in when you arrive in your new home.

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