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Six Days Under Siege

Updated on May 26, 2012

My home is my castle

The castle of my dreams
The castle of my dreams

Staying Safe

On Monday, May 21, 2012 about 10:30am a fugitive escaped from a transport vehicle. He came through the loose guard between the police officer and himself, assaulted the police officer and took his gun and cell phone. The officer was able to escape from the police car with minor injuries. What has ensued since has been a huge manhunt.

The fugitive was released from jail in July, 2011 after serving time on a CSC charge. That's a sex offense. He was being transported to arraignment on a home invasion charge. Police immediately put up road blocks and signs alerting drivers on I75 that there was an escaped fugitive and do not pick up any hitchhikers.

This young man left driving a police car that he dumped near where M55 and I75 meet in Roscommon County in Michigan. That is about fifteen miles from where I live. I knew nothing of this until my daughter who lives two and a half hours south of me called and told me to lock myself in. They suspected he was coming my way. I called my parents who were due to come through that area an let them know what was going on.

Everyone thought they'd have him by nightfall. That did not happen. On Tues. they found his discarded orange jumpsuit. They also knew he'd placed a phone call, but had turned off the phone. He would not be located by the phone's GPS system. Heat sensors from helicopters could not penetrate the wooded area he was in. Dogs could not keep his scent because it is a swampy area.

The big break came on Wed. They found the deer blind he'd holed up in and snack wrappers from snacks he'd found. He was bare foot and in shorts and a t-shirt. While some local roads were opened again and life seemed to be getting back to normal we were still instructed to remain indoors with doors locked.

I am not a fan of being couped up unless I choose to be. Tues. night I joined a former colleague for dinner. I took all the safety precautions I could. Basically I was following directions.

Wed. night the fugitive approached a young woman in her mobile home and threatened her with the gun through her screen door. She screamed at others who were with her to call 9-1-1. As soon as police arrived she and her friends and the children were escorted out of the area. Many people in the immediate vicinity also evacuated. Police dogs were returned to the area. People in the area sat glued to their police scanners and updating others on Facebook.

Thurs. I ventured out for lunch with another friend. Then I was back home and locked up until I took a call from my mom asking me to join her and dad at a local place for dinner. I again ventured out. Still using safety precautions. When I returned home I took out the garbage and talked to a friend while I was in the yard picking up some debris left from winter. Then I was once again locked in.

Friday, I paid my bills, ran errands, and did some grocery shopping. If I was going to be confined to my house, I'd need to restock my food supplies. Friday night gun shots were heard in the area where they believe the fugitive is. Also people who lived farther down state had not heard about the manhunt and were coming north for the holiday weekend. Many who have cabins in the area were outraged at not being told. Police officers went through cabins on request to make sure that no one was in them.

As day six of the siege/manhunt comes into dusk, the young man is still at large. He's most likely hungry. I hear from the young woman who saw him that his face is cut and scratched from running through the woods. We know he's barefoot as they've found his footprints. Rain is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. I am hoping they catch him and life goes back to normal.


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    • Duchessoflilac1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecka Vigus 

      7 years ago from Nancy KY

      As a footnote. The fugitive was captured on Monday, May 28, 2012 at 6:45 am. It was a peaceful capture as they found him sleeping in a deer blind, much closer to my home than he had been previously. I am no longer under siege.


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