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Sleek New Undercounter Kitchen Sinks

Updated on May 25, 2014
This newly  remodeled kitchen highlights the clean linear lines an undermount sink can provide.
This newly remodeled kitchen highlights the clean linear lines an undermount sink can provide. | Source

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

With all the models and styles available a simple change of your kitchen sink can give your living space the upgrade that will appeal to all. Undermount kitchen sinks allow for a seamless clean look, with modern appeal. The sink is mounted from the underside of the counter top as opposed to the older style of drop in. If a drop in sink seal break downs counter top damage can easily occur. The under counter mount allows for counter top crumbs and scraps to be wiped directly into the sink avoiding the messy lips generally associated with drop in sinks. Undermount kitchen sinks are available in various styles colors and composites, depending on your needs and budget, with a little of research you will be able to find the right style.

Modern Decor

The granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances have been the rave for the last few years, along with tile back splash and undermount kitchen sinks. It is the undermount kitchen sink that will be your best investment over time. Most raves are based on cosmetic changes, however some are design improvements. We all have dealt with the cleaning of the space between the faucet and the wall, with the drop in sink lip. Many of us have had to get toothbrush and toothpicks to clean around the build up of the drop in sink lip. However the frustration of the cookie sheet or cooking pan not fitting in the sink ranks high on the list of problems as well. The undermount kitchen sink actually deals with each of these issues and adds to the value of your kitchen. The sleek line of the counter top provides a very modern look.

Granite Composite

Granite is an igneous rock consisting of at least 20% quartz with fledspan and mica making up the majority of the rest of its composite. No two pieces of natural granite are the same and sometimes crystals can be found in the rock. Because of its hardness and toughness it has made its way into the construction stone use. Granite is a rock and can weather causing small cracks over time. To keep granite clean and in its natural state quite a bit of upkeep is required. Special cleaners and sealers are needed. All cleaners should be PH balanced with no acid or acid chemicals. Also any product with lemon or bleach should not be used. Baking soda a natural cleaner is good for cleaning stains out of granite.

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Farmhouse Apron Style

If a farmhouse apron style is on your wish list, undermount kitchen sinks are also available in this style. The sinks have a clean sleek line and provide a modern twist with a vintage design. The apron provides a practicality of easy maintenance and cleanup. Typically this is a large sink with a fair amount of depth to it. Large baking pans will easily fit, and rinsing of pasta is a breeze. The undermount does not have any effect on the traditional style of the sink. However it provides a touch of modernism with the flat clean surface. It also has all the benefits of a clean surface surrounding the sink.

Copper Finish

Copper is gaining a reputation in the food industry for its health qualities. Bacterial can live on stainless steel for a long period of time, and porous materials for days, however bacterial will die within hours. Copper does not rust or pits like other products. Copper sinks have several finishes and adding texture will allow for the patina finish to change the appearance over time, enhancing the finish. The copper will eventually develop a medium patina. An acid, like lemon, can change the patina and give an appearance of fading or a stain. This will eventually blend itself out over time. If you want to preserve the copper finish it is recommended a coat of renaissance wax be applied. Abrasive pads, copper cleaners, or chemical cleaners should be avoided and a simple mild soap and water should be used to clean an undermount copper sink.

Easy to Install

Undermount kitchen sinks are easy to install and an affordable upgrade to your living space. Most of the sinks come with a cut-out template and installation brackets. It is also important to ensure a pad or insulation for noise reduction is included. It should be noted that undermount kitchen sinks are suited only for solid surface counter tops. It must also be addressed that during installation it is very important that the instructions for sealing and securing are strictly adhered to. If not properly sealed and secured undermount kitchen sinks can be difficult to clean the space between the sink and counter top.

Food For Thought

Many of the manufactures are offering lifetime warranties; however most have accessories such as baskets and strainers that are sold separately. It is also important to match your current plumbing and allow for additional features, such as soap dispensers, sprayers, and dishwasher drains. Almost all sinks come with a pattern for easy installation. Please ensure the under counter seal is not leaking. Most importantly when adding a new undermount kitchen sink to your remodeling job be sure and leave money in the budget for a very good faucet.

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