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Sleeping Better with Memory Foam

Updated on February 11, 2013

Memory Foam Mattress

Back Home with Memory Foam

Most of us are familiar with the excitement experienced when you are counting down the days until vacation! The big day is 5 weeks away, 4 weeks, and so forth.

A vacation is the adult’s version of XMAS. Relaxation and enjoyment is the plan. No cooking or cleaning or phones. A wonderful feeling and a great outlet for working hard during the year.

While you’re fantasizing, you of course picture everything being perfect and trouble free. We all know that’s not how real life works.

If you are a frequent traveler, I’m sure you’ve encountered a far from perfect lodging experience at least once. Possibly you took a chance on Expedia and the hotel just doesn't live up to it's web site. Pictures are helpful but not they're not always accurate.

Maybe the overall place was dirty. Maybe the room had a stale smell. Usually accommodations like this also include an uncomfortable bed with old mattresses sitting on a dingy shag carpet. None the less, you can easily ignore the shoddy room because you don’t plan on spending a ton of time there.

The one good thing about experiencing less than perfect sleeping accommodations is the appreciation you have for your own bed. Especially when you are used to a memory foam pillow and king size mattress topper made from memory foam or, even better, a memory foam mattress. Any of these make for a heavenly night of sleep.

The switch to memory foam pillows and topper mattress cover was a huge improvement over my old bedding. I fell in love with the new comfort and sleep benefits I got from memory foam. I could have kicked myself for the years I missed out while “thinking about” trying this product. I always heard good things about the material but had never actually reclined on a memory foam mattress, let alone sat on a memory foam mattress.

Although vacation is a great stress reliever, there are also some aspects of home you’ll miss. It’s a common thread heard from returning travelers - I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. This is especially true if you have a memory foam mattress topper!

I decided to follow a common sense plan. Try it out on a small scale. Investing in a mattress is a big step. You can test the experience by purchasing memory foam topper. Then once it’s time to purchase a new mattress you can decide if this material is best for you.

Not Very Appealing Hotel Bed

Memory Foam Serves an Orthopedic Purpose

You may have thought of memory foam bed products as a high priced rip off. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is true that a quality memory foam mattress or mattress pad is substantially more expensive than standard toppers and mattress items. But you will get a better quality product that will serve to support your joints and muscles in a more therapeutic manner.

You may be surprised to learn that many orthopedic doctors recommend memory foam products to ease their discomfort. With a more restful and pain free night's sleep a person will usually experience a more productive day.

Memory Foam Pillows

Many years ago our selection of bed pillows was very limited. It was typically feather down or polyester. We know have a selection of natural and synthetic materials to choose from when it comes to our pillows. The most recommended pillows in the category of synthetic materials is memory foam.

Memory foam pillows can give adequate support to the head and neck area and are able to recoup it's original shape. When memory foam was invented by the scientists at NASA one of the characteristics they desired was the ability to reform to it's original shape after it's not in use. Quality memory foam pillows are very comfortable and popular.


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