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Sleeping With The Enemy - Incorrect Pillows

Updated on March 9, 2015

Are Your Pillows Hygenic Enough?

Many of us struggle to have a good night's sleep without realizing that we are actually sleeping on the problem. It may be that you are sleeping on a pillow that is too old and used to be comfortable any more.

Dirty pillows can also release unpleasant odors and microscopic bed-fellows that give rise to allergy. Dustmites, bacteria, saliva, mold and mildew are all unwanted bed fellows that occur and increase naturally inside your pillows.

All of these cause an increase in allergic reactions and give rise to restless sleep. Pillow protectors can prolong the life of your pillow and keep your pillows more hygienic

Recognizing the Problem

Another common problem is that the pillows people use do not necessarily suit their sleeping style.

If you sleep on your back you should be using firm pillows for the best support. To avoid neck strain stomach sleepers should sleep on softer pillows and if you sleep on your side then medium pillows will offer sufficient support.

Many of us wait too long before we replace our pillows. Pillows should be replaced every one to three years and for allergy-prone people hypoallergenic pillows with antimicrobial protection that can be machine washed and dried are recommended.

Pillow problems are not always recognized and it is important that pillows be inspected and thrown out if they are flat, torn or lumpy.

Finding The Solution

Down Pillows shape themselves around the head and neck to help you find a natural resting position. They can be made in a variety of support levels, from soft to extra firm, depending on the amount of down used.

Down pillows loft well and return easily to their natural shape. The same measures of superior quality for a comforter apply to down pillows: high fill power; a down-proof cotton cambric cover; double-stitched finishing and piping.

A down pillow should be fluffed up in the morning and aired in a dry place to allow any moisture from the night's sleep to evaporate. If properly cared for a good quality down pillow should keep its support and last for between 10 to 15 years.

It is a good idea is to have extra pillows that you can alternate. If you then leave the unused pillow near a window in a dry place you will be sure of having pillows that feel and smell fresh and prolong the lives of the pillows.

Feather Pillows are harder, flatter and heavier than down. They pack down and do not easily return to their original loft. Feather quills can become brittle and break and do not last as long as down. Feather pillows can also be made in soft, medium or firm support, and are less expensive than down. Blends of down and feather can provide a good mix of softness with support.

Down Free Pillows are a good alternative for those who are allergic to down or feathers. They are very affordable and can be replaced frequently.


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    • starme77 profile image

      starme77 6 years ago

      good advice - think I'll try a new pillow - :)

    • Laura du Toit profile image

      Laura du Toit 8 years ago from South Africa

      Hi Penny Glad you could get rid of the problem pillows

    • pennyhowington profile image

      pennyhowington 8 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      Amen Sister! I just got rid of a horrible pillow. Problem is I didn't know how horrible it was until I had a good one!