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Sliding Closet Doors

Updated on October 13, 2009

Closet Door Types

Most closet doors are very forgettable and yet they are an important part of any closet design ideas. You have ones that open out like a regular door, ones that have several panels and also open outward, and then you have the kind that slide back and forth.

Some people put full length mirrors on their closet doors to make the room look bigger. Mirrors are also used for seeing how you look before you leave for the day so they have a couple useful purposes when attached to a closet door.

Closet doors can be made of almost any material but wood seems to be the most common as that is what many homes are made of too. There are also glass (as in see through glass) that can be used to make your closet look different. If you do use glass, it would be wise to use tinted or frosted glass so that the contents of the closet are not visible from the outside.

Different Types of Sliding Doors

Sliding closet doors can come in three configurations. The first is a one piece door on each side that slides behind the other. This is the most common type of closet door that slides. You can also have the same kind of doors but have them slide into the walls instead of sliding behind the other door. With this configuration, you can have the whole closet open at once instead of just half of it. This is much more expensive though, as you can imagine because you have to have room in the walls for the doors to slide into.

The third configuration is one where each side of the closet door has two panels and the door opens out with the panels folding. This is also a very common type of sliding closet door.

Sliding Closet Doors Have Rails

The one thing all sliding close doors haveĀ in common are rails. They need rails on both the top and bottom so the doors can slide back and forth. If these rails are not aligned perfectly, it can cause various kinds of trouble for the doors.

If the closet door rails are not aligned, the doors might not glide smoothly and/or they might make noice when opened and closed. Rails that are not put in properly can also cause the doors to not shut fully or properly. Warping can also take place after some time and the rails might experience some settling and slight movement that might hinder the doors from moving along them.

Sliding closet doors can be found in many houses across America and they will continue to be a popular way of gaining access to your closets. As long as you can keep the rails oiled and operating well, your doors will be a pleasure to use.


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