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Smart Antiques ? Reclaimed Furniture & Innovative Design.

Updated on January 7, 2015

Reclaimed and upcycled products may not remain a hot trend. It may be the future of home interiors , furniture, and cabinetry as we will know it... It's beautiful, its unique, It's Brand- new while at the same time could be more than 100 years old ! Its seen a past lived long before we came along , and will see a future that we won't get to. It's a reminder that there is more to life than the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. Reclaimed products are a reminder of time itself as it has passed us by, is currently being lived, and is fast approaching. When put into that perspective, its an inspiration not to waste the time that we have, a suggestion to take time to reflect on the past and a call to take time now to build a future beyond what we may get to see.

Reclaiming the home, may just be the start of a bigger and more positive movement within the consumers of America. In the past 40 years alone, explosions in technology from the mid 70's to current , has subjected our country and lifestyles to shocking changes. Along with that technology came its abuse, and that has cost us dearly! America was built on hard work, smarter concepts. Most importantly; America was built by Itself! The technological boom and the recent "Smart" era added several positive aspects to our lives but at the same time, have wreaked havoc on our lives.

America once developed and produced smart and revolutionary designs. We made stellar products from our stellar concepts and the typical American family could be supported on one working parents income. Now-adays the typical family with both parents working full time jobs at minimum wage, buying "value" labeled products, still can't make ends meet!

Technology has been abused by industries in the production of our products to an extent the advertised "value" is best defined as a best value to the company producing it and not the customer. We abandoned our creativity for cheap electronics and cheap parts that would barely achieve the function was intended to, let alone over-achieve. Once Big Box stores saw the profit margins to be made by employing these practices, no stockholder wanted to see a drop in their quarterly financial report , so they added cheap international and third world labor to the roster and the "value" label can now be found in every home.

Veritas Innovations, a small reclaimed furniture company in Western Maryland is actively working for a change. Their mission is to create unique and beautiful products without losing the convenience and functionality that we have come to know and enjoy. In an interview with Jesse Skipper, owner and founder of Veritas Innovations, this is what he had to say...

" While technology has blessed us in many ways, its corporate abuse has removed America from its heritage, product quality, and its stability. By trading our ingenuity for convenience and "value" in areas like furniture, cabinetry, and home interiors we have slowly removed ourselves as a country from the foremost quality that made us great...our creativity! At Veritas we arent just about beautiful reclaimed products that are built to be handed down for generations. Nor are we simply about lowering carbon footprint being environmentally friendly. We are about reclaiming what made us a leading nation in the first place.....Innovation through Simplicity! We are replacing cheaply made components with reclaimed American hardwoods that have a unique past and heritage of their own as well as replacing un-needed technological bloat with innovative designs and natural mechanics. Designing and crafting our products with the same values and mentality of the men and women who harvested this antique timber not only delivers a level of quality that hasn't been mainstream for decades; it's returning innovative and creative design ideas back to our clients, market and country. The materials may be antique and mechanically driven parts an old technology, but when the two are combined with creative design and modern functionality, the future of "Smart" products are born. I guess at the end of the day we are a company that specializes in taking our own designs as well as the designs of our customers and producing "Smart Antiques". Products that are highly functional , innovatively designed and have a heritage and beauty that will never be found on a Big Box Store shelf ! Our hope is that the reclaimed product trend is a sign that Americans are reclaiming the heritage and smarts that once made us the leader of nations..... We will never be the America that we once were, as long as "Made in China" is the brand of our products."

Beautiful, unique and refined, reclaimed wood provides is quality and heritage to our lives. Whether it's a signal of change throughout the heart of America, or the hottest trend in home interiors and furnishings, reclaimed products are here to stay! Two thumbs up to the guys and gals at Veritas Innovations who are supporting this movement in an innovative way! To reach Veritas Innovations for more info, or to place a custom order you can email



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