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Snow Blower

Updated on October 29, 2010

Best Snow Blowers

Check out some of our amazing top snow blowers to keep your paths clear of snow this Christmas.
Check out some of our amazing top snow blowers to keep your paths clear of snow this Christmas.

What are Snow Blowers?

In many parts of the world large snowfalls can be a devestating problem. Shovelling the snow by hand can be fruitless, and incredibly hardwork. Fortunately the use of a snow blower, or even a Snow Thrower, can save you hours of work.

Snow blowers come in one and two stage forms, which both have their pro's and con's. You can also get one stage electric snow blowers, as well as gas snow blowers.

One Stage Snow Blowers

One Stage Snow Blowers generally have a single rubber blade or auger which picks up the snow and throws it up through a chute, which can be directed to blow the snow to the side of the path. A one stage snow blower is ideal for most families, they are cheap and reliable. Unfortunately One Stage Snow Blowers cannot be used on gravel paths.

You can get Electric or gas one stage snow blowers, gas powered snow blowers are generally more powerful than electric snow blowers. However a high end electric snow blower will always be better than a low end gas snow blower.

Two Stage Snow Blowers

Two stage snow blowers have an additional steel blade which skims the surface to cut up hard packed snow or ice. Two stage snow blowers are more expensive than one stage snow blowers. They are however usable on gravel since they skim a layer of snow off the ground, leaving a thin layer behind. Compare this to single stage snow blowers which would dig up gravel.

With the Two stage snow blower the snow or ice is picked up by the first steel blade, and then thrown up the chute by a second blade, a fan, or both a second blade and a fan.

Two stage snow blowers are generally used in colder climates which suffer from heavy snowfall, or on commercial premises where there is a large amount of snow which requires moving.

One Stage Electric Snow Blowers

if you only have a months snowfall every year, a two stage gas powered snowblower may be more power than you need, and in some cases an inconvenience.

Electric Snow Blowers are compact and can easily be stored until next winter. This lightweight utility is incredibly useful for small homes. It will save you a lot of time shovelling snow, and with electric snowblowers being much cheaper than gas powered snow blowers, it will not break the bank either!

Single Stage Gas Powered Snow Blower

One stage gas powered snowblowers are the middle of the range. While single stage snow blowers have the power which electric snow blowers lack, they cannot be used on gravel. This slight lack of utility does not affect everyone, however it does mean that some people will need a gas powered two stage snow blower.

Single Stage Gas Powered Snow Blowers are a good compromise between utility and price for most households, they are a little harder to store than electric snow blowers, but it should still not be a huge problem if you have a shed, or large garage area.

Two Stage Snow Blowers

The Two Stage Snow Blowers are the elite in the snow blowing world, they provide ultimate utility and will clear through even the toughest of ice packed snow.

A gas powered two stage snow blower might not be the ideal solution for a small family who live in a warm climate. If you have a large house and regularly get heavy snowfall though, a gas snow blower with two stage functionality could be ideal for you. Two stage snow blowers will easily do a job which could take hours every day with a shovel.  And for jobs like this, an electric snow blower just will not cut it.

Of course two stage snow blowers are not just for those in harsh conditions. A dual stage snow blower can deal with any terrain, including gravel (Which can damage a single stage snow blower)

Unfortunately with the enhanced utility, dual stage snow blowers often cost a lot more than single stage snow blowers.


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    • Jane@CM profile image


      8 years ago

      We'll be using our tonight and tomorrow - 10 inches of the lovely stuff. It will be the first time my son has had to do this on his own...I'm sure he'll be on the phone asking his dad how to operate it. BTW it will be for sale soon, moving to Cali :)

    • profile image

      Wag The Dog 

      8 years ago

      I am so glad that I live in Florida now. I did live in a small town called Babbitt Mn. and I could have used a snow blower back then. This is a great hub. I rated it UP and gave it a DIGG. You can see it here, on DIGG. Rate it up/Give it a Digg, if you like.


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