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How to choose a wood table that fits in

Updated on September 8, 2014

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Some like it plain

How to choose a wood table - contemporary
How to choose a wood table - contemporary

In the theme of things - a wood table

When we moved to Spain from the UK, we could have transported our table, chairs and 3-piece suite with us.

Most advice on relocation tells us that keeping familiar things around you, helps reduce stress.

We chose to ignore the advice. Instead we chose to purchase our furniture locally. After all, we reasoned , how could existing furniture fit such a different environment? We instinctively knew it would look and feel out of place. New table and chairs were called for

However, choosing your wood table is just one part of the process of interior design. Design should be treated as a whole; everything should blend.

Fundamental to the whole thing is deciding what theme you’re actually after, and this should be done first. This important decision determines all that follows.

Are you a Regency type, modern type, Tudor, cottage, rural, or something else? Maybe your locality will influence a particular theme to follow. Make a note of the alternatives; pick up magazines for ideas. The price is small; the timescale for reading short, especially when you consider this is quite an expensive purchase.

Getting it right

The next main step is to choose the colour for your room’s theme. You can use your favourite colour and it’s match, or pick colours from a much-loved piece of art or fabric. Use this sort of thing to kick-start your colour palette.

Floors come after that... Timber, tile, sandstone, the choice is never-ending. Whatever your preference, make sure your selection of floor colour is neutral; you’ll have to survive with your flooring for a long time.

Some like it well lit

How to choose a wood table - inset lights - Photo by Oskay - flickr
How to choose a wood table - inset lights - Photo by Oskay - flickr

Colour colour on the wall....

It has long been accepted that colour has an effect on us, which is why picking a colour ought to be centred on your persona, or the mood you wish the room to instil.

Yellow is a cheerful colour, it can be used to jazz up moods and establish a positive aura. If you use a subtle shade, it can be both inspiring and give rooms conviviality. Green, the shade of the natural world, is comforting. A green space can help rid you of anxiety. In the same way, blue is a restoring colour that reminds us of water and sky. Red tends to step up the pulse. Oranges can give your household a warm and reassuring influence. By carefully choosing the right colour combo you can create short moments - short stories of mood in your home.

Fits the scheme very well
Fits the scheme very well

How to choose a wood table - blend it

Decorating a home can be draining. Professional designers typically have tricks and ideas to acquire your result faster and with less frustration, but hiring a designer can be costly.

Instead, study interior design magazines, look out for the places to buy furniture, window treatments, blinds, artwork, accessories, plants, flooring. See how they blend the designs together to present them.

Once you’ve decided upon your theme and colour, choosing your furnishing become easier. You have a plan. The act of creating this plan focuses your mind and you’ll be in a stronger position to select the right table, but what sort of table?

Modern table for a modern theme

My lounge. See how the table matches the décor and the colour of the doors and beams
My lounge. See how the table matches the décor and the colour of the doors and beams
Solid cherrywood table
Solid cherrywood table

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How to choose a wood table

It’s perhaps worth spending more money on the table than you first thought. After all, the table is probably going to be with you for quite a long time.

Don't forget, a good table will most likely see off your 3-piece suite and carpets a couple of times over. So take your time, choose wisely.

Buy it once and buy it right.

There are all qualities of tables to suit all pockets, but remember, table and chairs are generally only purchased once, so make sure it's right, and buy the best you can afford. You'll probably regret it later if you skimp.

We chose a modern design to fit in with the modern look of our villa. Olde Worlde charm would not have looked right, but only you will know what suits your plan. That is the secret. Make a plan before you rush out to the stores to buy.

Knowing the secret.

Understand what your theme is and stick to it. If you don't have an overall theme your room will look disorganized, so pull it together. Understand what your colour scheme is. Know where you’re coming from and you won't go far wrong.


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      Teak Shower Seat 

      7 years ago

      What a lovely hub and lovely dining tables.


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