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Eco-Friendly Solar Bags - Charge Your Electronics on the Go

Updated on March 12, 2011

Solar power has been getting more and more practical for the average consumer over the years--solar panels for your home, solar-powered outdoor lighting, solar battery chargers. But don't sell yourself short: there are further innovations to be had, in the form of solar-paneled bags, that actually charge your electronics as you carry them--perfect for your cell phone, PDA, and/or iPod or MP3 player.

These bags run as low as $100 apiece (see the V-demension at right), and for what they save you in energy costs at home, not to mention in the way of convenience, they're well worth the one-time expense.

Solar messenger bags, in particular, are the height of efficiency for on-the-go business people, especially if you commute by bicycle or on foot, as good greenies always try to do! Bags like the Eclipse Fusion Messenger Bag (second from top) have pockets for all your small electronics and for your laptop, serving as one big universal solar charger. All you generally need is the car-charger adaptors for your devices, and you're good to go--literally, GO!

Solar powered backpacks are also great for camping, hiking, and all the other outdoor activities we nature-lovers adore. You can easily charge your digital camera, even in the middle of nowhere, and never be afraid of missing the chance to capture a stunning view or candid moment. JuiceBag's daypack (also above) is constructed from sturdy fabric made from recycled two-liter soda bottles, so you can feel doubly good about your purchase.

A typical solar cell
A typical solar cell

Voltaic Systems Inc. makes a similar bag, with perhaps a slightly more professional look. Their messenger bag doubles beautifully as a briefcase, reinforced and padded to safely carry a laptop, with pockets for both documents and small electronics. Or grab an unassuming-looking backpack, great for hiking, biking, or just tootling around town.  Once you start carrying one of these bags, you'll find yourself wondering how you lived without one.  Just as the smart phone has taken over the cell market, I predict solar bags for charging said phones will become more and more popular over time.

As we continue to innovate, solar power is becoming not only the eco-smart option, it's becoming more and more affordable, as well as more useful to the average person. These gizmos and gadgets are surely just the beginning of a trend to make sustainable energy mainstream. Do your part: support the movement, and the companies that are making it happen.

How Does Solar Energy Work?


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