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Solar-Powered Security Lights

Updated on August 2, 2010

I recently wrote a Hub about my disappointment with cheap solar-powered lights. I have since found that if you are willing to pay a little more, you really get a superior solar light. I guess that I should have known that the cheap option was just that, the cheap option. My searching has uncovered a great use for solar lights, solar-powered security lights. These little babies combine the good of solar power with the convenience of motion-detection.

My problem with solar-powered lights was two-fold. Number one, the light was barely able to illuminate anything. They only lit up a small area with a sad bluish light. Second, they did not have the battery storage to provide light for any reasonable amount of time. They usually died after an hour or so. So how do solar-powered security lights differ? Well, first of all they are a little more expensive and quite a bit better on the construction. The ones that I bought from my local hardware store have a larger solar panel and battery. They also have a multi-bulb LED, which puts out probably a hundred times the amount of light. They actually light up my driveway when I pull in at night!

The main reason that security lights make so much sense is that they are only on for short periods of time. Just like my old solar lights, they get a whole days worth of sun. But, they only come on when the motion-sensor tells them too. This allows them to use much more energy to power a much stronger bulb for a short duration. I mounted one light near the side of my home, by the door my wife and I use most. I mounted one near my garage and another halfway up my driveway. I plan on getting a few more to put on the other side of the house to deter anyone who may want to take a peak inside my home.

The other real benefit of these lights is the fact that you do not have to run wires to them. Mine also came with a sensitivity adjuster for the motion-detector. This allows you to customize how often they turn on. I am still working on getting this setting just right, as I want it to turn on for people, but not our woodland friends who often run through our yard! It is really nice to drive up my driveway and be greeted by a well-lit home and entryway. We are a bit off the beaten path and it just makes me feel better at night. There are a ton of different models, ones with attached solar panels and ones with solar panels that you can mount a distance away if the sun doesn't reach where you need the light. Figure out where you need the lights and do a little product research on the different models available to you.


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    • Vandelay profile image

      Vandelay 7 years ago from United States

      Thanks, Barbara!

    • Barbara_tenBroek profile image

      Barbara_tenBroek 7 years ago from Dayton, Ohio

      Very informative good writing