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Solar Water Heater Efficiency

Updated on August 22, 2010

Solar Water Heater Efficiency

Lately we have seen a lot of people install solar water heaters. The main reason why this happens is cutting down on electricity or warm water bills. This type of system did exist for a lot of time but we can say that just now they are actually efficient. Now what will make the solar water heating system efficient.?

Simply put one efficient system is a system that will offer warm water in enough quantities regularly. In most cases a person uses 30 gallons of water on a daily bases although not all is hot water. A lot of people think that a solar water heater will not be as effective when the days are colder and mostly effective when the days are hot. The truth is that even during winter we can still maintain an efficiency of around 50%. Such a fact is always true with all systems that are utilizing evacuated tubes and/or vacuums. Now we do have a problem in the fact that different systems will not be efficient.

The materials used are the main reason why efficiency can be less than optimal. People are trying to cut costs down and this might actually sacrifice some materials that are used. Using really good materials is really important. Even if the prices are higher when you start out all will be made up as time passes. Efficient materials make it easier for most of the sun heat to be properly transformed into warming water fuel. Also, different materials can also help in keeping water at least 50 degrees warm during winter.

All the materials that will be used in any solar water system will have one efficiency grade. You can ask specialists or even do Internet searches to find those systems that are mostly efficient. It is only complicated when swimming pools have to be warmed or the house is really big and you want to completely cover it. Fortunately you can easily achieve this and also gain efficiency.


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