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Some Surprising Houses Selected for the Year 2017

Updated on May 2, 2020
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Holding Key position in IHDO. with analytical approach,having rendered meritorious service over 13 years in Pakistan Social Sector.

Surprising Houses Selected for the Year 2017

You may have seen many house’s in the world but there are some house’s which make them extra ordinary beautiful due to their unique design and interior, not only this but the beauty of surroundings make it more beautiful and unique. This article will let you know about the unique houses selected around the world.

Time Out

Time Out
Time Out

Apparently the building that is a clock tower is indeed a painted house located in San Francisco - its appearance often leads to fraud - the windows with watch designs are mounted on the tower while the residence of the tower kept in the lower section – and very less furniture has been kept in the tower.

Home of Ice Land

Home of Ice Land
Home of Ice Land

This home of Iceland looks like a normal home to see from outside, but its internal renovation is very high and unique, due to its different colors - design and interesting color of the inner part of this house Can make you in love with this home.

Making Wave

Making Wave
Making Wave

This home, with unique and attractive design is built in the California area of ​​Venice- This house is called The Wave House "which is due to the appearance of home design waves - the internal renovation of this house is highly professional and done in a healthy manner - even sliding doors are installed in different part of house.

Contemporary Cabin

Contemporary Cabin
Contemporary Cabin

This interesting home in Rich Columbia's forest is very perfect for accommodation, because of the surrounding environment, Apart from this, the house is not only available for fireworks to keep the resident’s safe from the hard weather, but also a store where the wood used in fireworks can also be stored.

Bigger in Texas

Bigger in Texas
Bigger in Texas

This home is designed by famous architect Phil Johnson and located in Texas - this house is not only beautiful from outside but also its renovation in a very high and elegant way. Apart from 6 bedrooms in the house media house, swimming pool and tennis courts facility are also available.

Tranquil Tree House

Tranquil Tree House
Tranquil Tree House

Tree houses are not meant to play for children only - this tree house made in the Willow's forest in New York and this tree house is made for those who are tired of everyday tasks and want to relax some time- This simple home and the surroundings cause such people to calm down and relax.

Mediterranean Masterpiece

Mediterranean Masterpiece
Mediterranean Masterpiece

This house situated on the edge of the rock and it’s completely different from traditional houses - the walls of this house have been made from glass instead of cement or sand gravel.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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