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Speaking of Spring

Updated on August 8, 2013
'Royal Carpet' Alyssum
'Royal Carpet' Alyssum

Dreaming About Spring

I am missing spring but getting excited!

'Paprika' Yarrow
'Paprika' Yarrow
Redbone Coonhound
Redbone Coonhound
Old Oak Killed by Fire in Our Yard
Old Oak Killed by Fire in Our Yard

Spring is right around the corner. We Southern gardeners can taste it on our lips. Occasionally, I get the slightest breath of warm air blowing through the mountains. It carries hope mixed with a little sadness. I suppose this is the way many people feel; a season coming to close neatly at our toes. Boy, does time fly!

This year we are adding at least one more flower garden and pond to the property. My husband wants something formal in the front yard; almost totally, against my wild forest gypsy nature I am sure. His request does leave me with a bit of happiness; I get to buy more plants with less man-griping!

So, to my front yard against the house we will add a few pillar evergreens, low growing compact shrubs, tidy flowers and the most fantastic thing? At least one animal inspired topiary. I was thinking about a Redbone Coonhound treeing a raccoon. My dear husband doesn’t know of this plan, it’s a surprise.

The gardens we already have installed came along so well last year. My Grandmother gave me a non-rooted heirloom rose cutting last year; it grew as tall as my house that season. Amazing isn’t it? God bless Tennessee soil and climate!

Were trying out some new perennial and annual plants this year; I placed an order with GroCo on Ebay and let me tell you; I am excited!

I bought,

‘Pink Tower’ Columbine

I have a beautiful petticoat type columbine already. It never fails to make me smile really big when it blooms. It is mostly a light pink but mixed with white and darker pink accents. It has to be one of the most beautiful columbines I have ever seen. Thank you God!

Salpiglossis 'grandiflora mix'

So, “grand flora” petunias! They are lovely and GroCo sells them as a mix. I hope that they will bloom very well this year. I am going to test them out and see if they reseed themselves. I wonder if they are perennial in warmer climates, or automatically die no matter what? I cannot wait to see them bloom!

I also purchased Mixed Candytuft, ‘Golden Tuft’ Perennial Alyssum, Indigo and “Yankee” Delphinium seeds.

These are all seeds; Lord willing I can get some plants from Walter’s Gardens here soon. They have a lot of wonderful perennials, not sure if they sell to the public or not. Walter’s Gardens is a wholesale perennial nursery and they have a minimum order of usually 20 plants. It would be worth saving up for all winter to purchase some for the spring.

I want to try making some stepping-stones and concrete leaves for the gardens. We started a nice stone walkway last year and hopefully will finish it out this spring. I’ve got a large patch of woolly thyme and cannot wait to use it between the stones.

Yes, our land has come a long way since it was so overgrown the truck got lost in it! Between countless copperhead encounters, poison oak draped trees and garbage (yes, there was real trash everywhere!); we’ve done pretty well.

Some Helpful Links

Miniature Fairy Garden

Miniature Sedum for Small Gardens

God Bless you guys and happy upcoming spring!

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