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Spring Cleaning Guide for Bachelors

Updated on November 16, 2011
Woman in Gloves.  Pink Gloves never looked so good.
Woman in Gloves. Pink Gloves never looked so good. | Source

Items you will need for cleaning

Brush and pan

Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning cloths

Mop & bucket or substitute such as a steam mop.

Vinagar, Bicarbonate of Soda, Chlorine Bleach or substitute.

home cleaning

I know that Summer is just about with us at least here in Australia. I also know for sure that many of you living busy lives will have paid scant regard for giving your home your living environment a good Spring Clean. And yes often it is the females that do the cleaning whether it is your Mother or live in partner.

Plan: Create a Spring Clean List.

The way I do a Spring Clean is in short easy stages over several days that last a maximum of one hour each. Write down in chronological order the time and sequence of your clean up.


Take a garbage bin or several and remove all paper that has accumulated in you abode since you last did a decent clean. There are bound to be lots of flyers newspapers bills newspapers that you no longer use or need.

Clean out the fridge and freezer and remove and dispose of food that is past its use by date.


Put all clothing that need washing in a washing basket. Place all other clothing that is scattered around in drawers and wardrobe. Make a plan to clean iron fold and put away all those items of clothing that seem to rape over the bedroom bathroom and even living areas.

Third remove every thing off the floors. including rugs mats shoes suitcases etc.

Clean floors thoroughly with vacuum then mop. Then clean all mats rugs etc outside.

Clean all surfaces with sugar soap. Clean window with warm water and vinagar. Clean light-fittings remove bugs dust and cobwebs. Clean seats lounge and other items such as cushions with upholstery cleaner. Clean all areas that have accumulated dust. Bookcases shelving units windowsills etc.

Give an extra clean over kitchen and bathroom areas paying attention to soap scum and mildew that may be present. Remove stains etc from Benchtops.

Finally go over the floor again. Check curtains and blinds -when were they last cleaned? Remove blinds from fittings. clean all the fittings. Clean curtains according to the fabric cleaning directions tab.


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