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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Updated on July 27, 2016

Tips 1-10

1. Empty Pantry and Clean

2. Pull out fridge and clean the floor behind and under it.

3. Vacuum the dust from the fan on the back of the fridge.

4. Pull drawer out of oven and clean the floor beneath it.

5. Pull the eyes out of the stove and clean all the drip pans, including the overflow pan under the individual drip pans.

6. Clean or Self Clean the Oven.

7. Scrub the Kitchen Floor. Be sure to pay close attention to all the corners.

8. Scrub all the baseboards throughout the house. If you have chair rail, this would be the time to clean them too.

9. Remove all the food from the fridge. I usually clean the fridge one shelf at a time. This will keep the food from being out of the fridge for shorter periods of time.

10. Turn couches over on their fronts. Pick up anything that might need to be kept or is too big for the vacuum to catch. Vacuum the rest of the garbage.

Tips 11-20

11. Dust all the fans in the house.

12. Dust all the air vents in the house.

13. Dust the top of the fridge

14. Dust the top of the kitchen cabinets.

15. Dust all kitchen decorations. Wash items that can be washed.

16. Run garbage disposal cleaner through the garbage disposal.

17. Pull all dishes out of the kitchen cabinets and change the shelf liners.

18. Go through all your pots and pans. Toss the bad ones or the Teflon coated ones that have been scratched through.

19. Go through disposable containers. Match up the lids with the containers. Throw out any broken containers and containers missing lids.

20. Go through cookbooks and recipes. Organize them. Throw out the ones you don't use.

Tips 21-40

21. Go through china cabinet. Polish your silver. Clean show plates. Dust Shelves.

22. Touch up paint on all the walls.

23. Use Magic Eraser to Clean the walls

24. Clean vacuum cleaner thoroughly

25. Dust nooks and crannies throughout the rest of the house

26. Vacuum entire house

27. Pull Everything out of closets and throw away unused stuff

28. Check External Doors for air leaks. Seal with stripping or seal foam

29. Oil all hinges on all room and external doors and cabinet doors

30. Tighten all screws on all doorknobs

31. Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

32. Clean all windows.

33. clean all window screens. Repair if necessary.

34. Test all window cranks and window locks. Replace if necessary.

35. Clean all showerheads.

36. Run drain cleaner through any slow drains.

37. Test all plugs. Replace if necessary.

38. Replace any burned out light bulbs with LED bulbs. This will save you on your energy bill.

39. Wash all linens in your linen closet.

40. Wash all throw pillows and stuffed animals.

Tips 41-60

41. Tighten screws on all toilet seat lids.

42. Go through clothes and throw out anything that is worn out or has holes in them.

43. Check Caulk seals around sinks and bath tubs. Reseal if necessary

44. Go through Safe. Dispose of Expired Docs, etc.

45. Go through Filing Cabinet and dispose of items no longer needed.

46. Go through DVD's & Music. Sell what you don't listen to or watch

47. Go through make-up, perfumes and cologne. Whatever you have not used in six months should be tossed or given to friends and family.

48. Have a professional check your Air Conditioner.

49. Clean Your portable air purifier.

50. Steam clean your mattresses.

51. Steam clean your couches.

52. Reupholster chair cushions that need it.

53. Dig Garbage & food out of the Couch

54. Install a Hiding Space

55. Go through your change jar, pull out the wheat sent pennies and any silver coins (quarters and dimes 1964 and older). Roll the rest and take to the bank.

56. Go through magazines. Toss anything not opened in 45 days.

57. If you feel confident, open the back of your computer and blow out all the dust. If you don't feel comfortable, just vacuum the vents on the back.

58. Steam Clean the Carpets.

59. Scrub and mop all the hardwood floors. Treat the wood and tile if they need it.

60. Pick up all mattresses. Pick up the stuff under the bed and vacuum the floor.

Tips 61-80

61. Test the thermostat against a mercury thermometer. If it is not accurate, replace or note how many degrees off the real temperature it is.

62. Go through children's toys and discard, sell or donate the ones they don't play with or have outgrown.

63. Vacuum lint trap in dryer.

64. Clean bottom of the inside of the dishwasher.

65. Remove soap dispenser in the washing machine and clean out all the dryed on soap.

66. Clean out the air vent for the dryer. It is probably full of lint.

67. Wash your ironing board cover.

68. Go through the garage and get rid of anything not used for more than six months.

69. Wash out the litter box completely.

70. Sweep the garage floor.

71. Lay down concrete sealer on the garage floor.

72. Put all the tools in their designated places.

73. Make it where you can park both cars in the garage (if you have a two car garage).

74. Mix fresh batch of oil gas mix for your weedeater and blower.

75. Fill a gas can with fresh gas for your lawn mower.

76. Change the oil and sharpen the blades on your lawnmower. Take care of the maintenance on your other lawn equipment.

77. Start your weed eater, blower, pressure washer and lawnmower. You want to have these machines up and running before you need them.

78. Drop the temperature on your water heater. Now that spring is here and summer is coming, you won't need your water to stay so hot.

79. Climb into the attic and get rid of anything that is not needed. If it is a keepsake, those are OK to keep.

80. Rake your grass to dethatch it. This will pull up all the old dead grass so the new grass can feel free to grow in.

Tips 81-101

81. Aerate Your Lawn

82. Spread Grass Seed and Fertilizer and other additives to balance your yard's PH

83. Plant new annuals, perennials and at least one tree.

84. Plan out your watering system.

85. Mow your grass. Raise your deck to the highest setting so you don't kill the grass. Next week lower it again.

86. Edge your yard

87. Shape all your bushes.

88. Lay down mulch around the new plants.

89. Fertilize fruit trees and bushes

90. Start your vegetable garden

91. Test your rook looking for weak spots. Repair if needed.

92. Clean out gutters.

93. Pressure Wash Siding, Driveway, and Deck.

94. Oil hinges and the lock on your gate. Oil hinges on your mailbox as well.

95. Spray wood sealer on your deck and fence.

96. Check all fluids in your car. Change and top off if necessary.

97. Wash and wax the cars.

98. Detail the inside of the cars.

99. Spray the yard and the border of your house for bugs.

100. Build a trellis for roses and other vines.

101. Sit down and write down all the other things you have to get done that may not be on this list.

What Are Your Favorite Spring Cleaning Chores?

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    • Gamganny profile image

      Gamganny 7 years ago

      Yes, it's that time again for Spring Cleaning. My dustbunnies are having babies...Great information