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Stack On Super-Sized Safe with Biometric Lock Review

Updated on March 5, 2016

Stack On's series of gun-safes and personal safes are affordably priced and reasonably well-built. Among their products is the Super-Sized Safe with a Biometric Lock System. This standard safe standing at around nineteen inches has a compact yet sturdy design. Useful for storing ammo, pistols or other valuables, it is a popular alternative to higher-priced safes among retired military personnel, firearm owners and laypersons. There are a large number of reviews online that point towards happy customers, but there are also some areas of dissatisfaction.

This Stack On Super-Sized Safe with Biometric Lock review takes a look at the features that are offered by the manufacturer in this particular model. We also look at the pros and cons and consider some frequently asked questions. This review also comes to a conclusion about the worth of the product for those interested in safety-deposit boxes that won't break a bank to purchase.

Security Features

The Stack On Super-Sized Safe with Biometric Lock is made of solid steel that cannot be compared to $500 safes, but it is secure enough for personal use. There are two live action bolts for locking, with a

biometric lock and key system. There is also an electronic keypad and a hidden backup key, to make sure that you can easily access your valuables.

The door is also solid steel. It has hidden hinges, to make it harder to tamper with. However if you live in a neighborhood prone to burglaries or want to store firearms the safe should be anchored in place.

Biometric Lock System

The biometric system lets you program 32 different fingerprints into it. This means you can record multiple prints of your finger and improve the effectiveness of the system. Some users have had trouble with the scanner, but following the correct procedure should get it to work effectively.

It is recommended that you record as many prints as you can. The trick is to record several prints with the finger placed both perfectly and imperfectly to teach the scanner to read different positions of your finger. It should work flawlessly and open with one try after this. Following the instructions that come with the safe carefully should make it easier to program the scanner.

Interior and Spacing

This safe is super sized, so it can fit quite a number of valuable objects without the need for cramming them in. You can easily fit a rifle and handgun and some documents and smaller objects to keep safe.

What's more, the inside of the Stack On safe can be customized to suit your storage needs. The two shelves that divide the space inside are removable, which is a nice feature. The shelves are solid steel with egg carton foam lining. This lining may leave a lot to be desired, but it is easy to replace the lining with some foam of your choice later.

Exterior and Finish

The Stack On super-sized safe has a solid steel body that should be able to withstand most regular wear and tear, though it is not fireproof. Fireproof safes are much heavier. The unit comes in an epoxy black finish, with two different lock colors in black or silver depending on the model. The dimensions of the box are a compact but roomy 13-7/8” by 12-1/4”by 19-3/4”.

Weighing at around 38.6 pounds when unpacked, the safe is a good size for a personal safe. It can fit in small spaces and be made to blend in with the furniture. The bottom of the safe comes with egg crate foam padding, to protect the finish for a longer duration. After prolonged use, however, you may find the finish flaking off though this doesn't pose any security hazard.


Like most Stack On safes, the super-sized biometric safe is also easy to setup and install. Since it is lightweight, most people will be able to carry it without a hassle. This also makes it vulnerable to burglars carrying it away, but the holes for anchoring the unit to the floor or wall is useful against this threat.

The fingerprint scanner may seem complicated to setup, but the instructions are easy to follow. When setting the fingerprint code, try recording different finger positions until you settle on the one that is most convenient. Once the code has been set, the scanner should unlock the safe with one try.

Additional Inclusions in the Box

Along with the Stack On safe, the package that you receive will also include two removable shelves that you can use as required. Also included is fastening hardware, should you want to bolt the safe for greater security. The user will not need a drill to fix the safe since four holes are already drilled into the safe for the purpose.

The biometric system requires four standard AA batteries, which comes with the safe. While these batteries last long enough, some users have chosen to replace these with Lithium batteries for a longer life. The manufacturer also offers a limited warranty of one year if you buy the unit at Operating instructions are included with the package.


Light and easy to move; ideal for seniors, or security on the road. Highly secure with pry-resistant door, two live steel bolts and hidden hinges. Biometric lock and key system for additional security and easy access. Two removable shelves make it easy for storing objects of many sizes. Can be used to store a large number of valuables such as cash, jewelry, tactical firearms etc.


Light weight (42 pounds), so needs to be bolted to protect from burglars.


Q. Is the Stack-On super-sized biometric safe just a firearm safety device?

A. Though marketed as a gun safety box approved by Californian gun laws, the Stack-On super-sized safe with biometric lock can be used for storing any kind of valuables, as long as it fits in the box. It meets the requirements of Section 23655 of the Penal Code. If the box is used to store firearms, it should be bolted to a shelf, a wall or the floor. The safe already comes with pre-drilled holes for mounting or fixing to the floor.

Q. How many pistols can the safe hold?

A. The safe is quite roomy for storage of several, large items. Depending on the size of the pistols (without magazines), the safe can hold between six to ten pistols kept without touching each other.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a lightweight safe that is easy to access but difficult enough for prying eyes to penetrate, the Stack-On Super-Sized Safe with Biometric Lock is a safe worth considering. The unit doesn't claim to be fireproof, but it is sturdily built and serves its purpose. Users have found the safe to be exactly what it is advertised as – a spacious, lightweight and secure safe for personal or business use.

© 2016 Juana


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