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Stain Busters!

Updated on August 6, 2012

Bacon Wine and Chocolate

Bacon, Wine and Chocolate
Bacon, Wine and Chocolate | Source

Stain busters here to the rescue!! Just wanted to let you know before you have to cut your child's hair because they got gum in it, put peanut butter in their hair work it for a while and it will all come out! Enzyme laundry detergent is very helpful with ketchup and baby food stains. Always wear gloves and for most stains avoid heat because that usually makes a stain permanent. Work from the outside to center for blood and wine stains. Blot don't rub a stain in.

Stain Table

Cotton, polyester, clothing
Silk, Seude, Leather
Wood, Floors, Carpets, walls
sponge up with white wine
Rinse with warm water blot clean with alcohol
wipe with rubbing alcohol
Bacon Grease
Use petroleum jelly on it & iron out between 2 paper towels
Use dry cleaning solvent blot with cool water
Clean with shaving cream
Cold water and corn starch
cold water and Amonia (not on silk)
Soap and cold water
Grass Stain
Cold water and rubbing alcohol
soak area a with dry cleaning solvent
Clean area with shaving cream
Dry cleaning sovlent & warm water
same as previous,
Warm water and wipe with damp cloth
Use between 2 paper towels and Iron out
same but on silk use light heat only
commercial spray spot remover
Water and club soda
Flush with club soda
Hot water and dishwashing liquid


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