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Stain Removal Hints Tips and Tricks

Updated on March 26, 2011

Stain Removal Made Easy

Who among us has not had a favorite item of clothing with a spot you just couldn't get out or that stubborn place behind the dresser on the carpet you could never get clean. Well here were going to try to help you to get all the stains out.

Some Simple Fabric Advice

It is best to know the fiber content in clothing before you try to get that stain out. Read the label. If your like some people and simply must cut the labels from your clothes I would suggest keeping a shoe box up on that closet shelf. You feel it with envelopes and each time you cut the label from your clothing put it into an envelope and write a very good description of the item of clothing it goes with including the color or colors of the clothing item so you don't get the labels mixed up. If you get a stain on an item of clothing go read the label. Often the labels can be quite helpful.

Any durable press or polyester fabric item of clothing such as a Dacron will hold soil very well and especially stains. A dry cleaning solvent will work the best. If the stain remains after the first treatment try once more. Remember never wash and dry any item of clothing with a stain on it until you try to get the stain out. Once the item has been washed and dried you will have little hope of ever getting that stain out.

How To Remove Stains From Washable Fabrics

A large number of stains can be removed right in your washing machine. You want to purchase a Laundry Detergent that contains enzymes. Yes I'm sorry to say that the more expensive clothes washing detergents are the best especially for getting out stains. Pre soak your clothing always to get it the cleanest and to allow the enzymes in your clothes washing detergent to have the time to remove the stains. If you use a detergent with enzymes and you presoak you should have no trouble at all in getting out the below stains.


Fruit Juices

Cream Soups

Baby Foods



Baby Formula

Ice Cream

Body Soils



Most Food Soils




But Unfortuntly You Can't Perform Magic

Remember though that even the very best enzyme detergent or enzyme pre wash product can not remove all stains. There is a number of grease soils and highly colored stains that will require special pretreatment before you wash the item of clothing. Tide ™ sells an excellent stain removal pen that you can use to remove or pretreat stubborn stains. Caution , Remember that once you wash and dry the item of clothing it may be impossible to remove the stain. So proceed with caution.

Remember Never Wash And Dry That Item Until You Try To Get That Stain Out

Remember Never Wash And Dry That Item Until You Try To Get That Stain Out
Remember Never Wash And Dry That Item Until You Try To Get That Stain Out

How to Remove a Wine Stain

Stain Removal 101

Get food grease stains out of clothes

Lady Has Ironed One To Many Items

Lady Has Ironed One To Many Items
Lady Has Ironed One To Many Items

Getting Out Grass Stains

The Green Green Grass Of Home

Those tuff grass stains you can never get out can be easily removed when they are fresh. Remember its important never to wash or dry anything before you try to get out the stain. Keep an old toothbrush for this purpose. When the kids get a grass stain on their clothing take your finger and apply toothpaste to the stain being sure to coat all the stain. Now take that old toothbrush and scrub the grass stain well with it. Then presoak with a good laundry detergent with enzymes for 30 minutes before you wash the clothing item.

Remember that cold water should always be used in the rinse cycle to help your clothes retain their color and shape. Plus it will also save you money. Also remember those dials are on your washing machine for a reason. If your only washing the dish towels or a small load of clothes set your load size to small or medium. Why fill your washer all the way up for only a few items. You will thank yourself in the long run because your power bills should reflect the smaller loads of clothing being done.

Do you want your Jeans to retain their color and not ever fade. Soak your jeans in 1/2 cup of white vinegar and enough water to cover them before you wash them for the first time. You should purchase a couple of plastic pails and mark them laundry for use with items of this type. Again you'll thank yourself in the long run because you can easily wash out and clean plastic pails and mark them on the sides Laundry Only. You can hang these pails in your Laundry area.

Keep Your Ironing Board Warm.

Here's another great trick for aluminum foil and your ironing board. Remove your ironing board cover and then cover your ironing board with aluminum foil. It will help keepyour ironing board warmer and when you iron your clothes will be so much easier to iron.

Doing A Little Ironing , Funny Video

More Stain Removal Tips , Tricks and Hints

How To Remove All Those Stubborn Stains

A Hard One To Get Out , Unless You Know The Trick

Ink Stains Can Be Removed If You Know How

Stains from Ink Pens can be extremly hard to get out unless you know the trick. Guess what the secret ingredients are that can get out those ink stains from that shirt pocket. First spray the stain being sure to cover all the ink stain with regular hair spray. Then put the item in a plastic pail and cover the stain area with enough whole milk to cover the stain area. Let it set for thirty minutes adding more milk if you need to in order to keep the ink stain area covered. At the end of 30 minutes pre soak the item for 30 minutes in water that you have added a good laundry detergent to and the laundry detergent must have enzymes in it for this ink stain removal to work properly. Then simply wash the shirt and you should be pleasantly surprized to see the stain gone. Special Note This will only work on fresh ink stains. Almost nothing is going to get it out of a item of clothing that you have already washed and dried.

Read The Directions , Yes That's What They Are There For

Never use any type of stain removal pen or product with out first reading the directions. The directions really are there for a reason and sometimes they can really be quite helpful. Don't forget to read those labels on your clothing before you wash it or try to get stains out.

Do You Wash Your Husbands Work Clothes But They Never Smell Clean

Here is a old trick that works very well. If your husband works outdoors and comes home with smelly clothes that just never smell clean to you try adding a 1/2 cup of baking soda to the washer before you wash his clothes. Presoak for thirty minutes with a good laundry detergent with enzymes. I bet you that you will notice a big differnce in the smell of his clothing and if your lucky he might notice.

Some Special Stains You May Need To Remove


Soak the fabric in cold water as soon as possible. Wash the item in as hot of water as is safe for the fabric. If it is a colored item add Tide(TM) with Bleach for Colored Clothing. If it's a white item use your regular laundry detergent and add 1 cup of bleach to the water. You will want to wash any items with blood stains by their self. Once its washed check to see if the blood came out. If not repeat the process.

Chewing Gum

As soon as you find Gum on the item of clothing rub ice over the Gum pressing down. Then scrape the gum away from the clothing item with a case knife or spoon being careful not to make a hole in your clothing item and then wash as you normally would.

Lipstick Stains

As soon as you see it spray the stain with your hair spray very heavily. Presoak the item for 30 minutes in a washing machine where you have added laundry detergent with enzymes.

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