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Star Wars Bedding - Buy Star Wars Curtains, Comforters and Bedding Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

There's one thing that all kids take pride in and that's their bedroom. As a kid we love decorating our room, having a singular theme, filling the walls with pictures that spark the imagination. One of the more important parts of the bedroom, and one that all kids love to decorate, is the bedding and the things surrounding that bed. You remember when you got you're first real bedding right? It felt pretty cool.

Star Wars bedding is no different, featuring an array of creative designs that full encompass the bed and the surrounding area. Every year Star Wars bedding is some of the best-selling. thousands of different kinds of Star Wars bedding being sold every year. Star Wars bedding is cheap, and very kid-friendly, making it an excellent choice.

Sometimes full on bedding is too much; if this is the case, but you still want to decorate the room with Star Wars design, then perhaps buying just a Star Wars comforting, maybe Star Wars curtains, or maybe just a Star Wars pillow will be enough for you.

Remember: all Star Wars bedding and décor are officially licensed and are good for all true Star Wars fans.


Star Wars Bedding Sets For Sale

Star Wars Bedding

Let's first clarify what a Star Wars bedding set includes.  With a Star Wars bedding set you don't just get a Star Wars comforter, or a few Star Wars pillows, but you get everything - and all Star Wars.  This means you'll get a Star Wars blanket, Star Wars sheets, a Star Wars fitted sheet, and a couple Star Wars pillowcases.  This is the real deal, perfect for any big Star Wars fans. 

Star Wars bedding sets come in many different designs.  My personal favorite?  The Star Wars duel light saber bedding set.   It has a simple design that, when put together, flows nicely with good range.  The comforter has a couple Jedi's fighting, while the pillows and sheets have Star Wars logo: it's simple, yet eloquent. 

Another option is the Star Wars Clone Wars bedding set.  This set is built for a twin size bed and comes with all the above mentioned bedding materials.  This is for a much younger age, making it an excellent choice. 

All Star Wars bedding sets come completely washable and very durable. 

Buy Star Wars Comforters Online

Star Wars Comforter

The one downside with Star Wars bedding set is that they're relatively expensive; and sometimes we don't need all the sheets and pillowcases to just show our Star Wars love.   And this is where Star Wars comforters to buy online come in. 

Star Wars comforters are much cheaper and are much more flexible.  A good Star Wars blanket can work with any bed, and in any situation.  Plus the designs on a single Star Wars comforter are much creative and complex than a full bedding set would have.  This makes it a great gift for anybody. 

The majority of Star Wars comforters come in twin bed size, which is perfect for most children, and are all below a 100 dollars.  One of the best-selling Star Wars comforters is the Clone wars blanket.  The design is spectacular on it, featuring Yoda and a couple Jedi's preparing for battle; it's the perfect Star Wars blanket in the sense it conveys the feeling of Star Wars. 

Other Star Wars comforters for sale feature more classic images, like Luke from the first movie, or Darth Vader before he became Vader.

Star Wars Curtains

Sometimes all a room needs to give it the perfect look is something you wouldn't expect; like, for example, Star Wars curtains. Star Wars curtains are a great way to give the room the look you want; it can be the final touch that makes it perfect.

Star Wars curtains are simpler in design than their other bedding partners, making them an easy purchase and easy fit in any child's room.



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