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Stargazer Lily Meaning & Origin

Updated on January 31, 2013

Stargazer Lily Meanings - Success - Romance - Sympathy

Stargazer Lilies have several different meanings in different cultures, all of which are beautiful and bring good fortune. You can learn many of these Stargazer lily meanings on this hub and that will hopefully help you to decide if the stargazer lily is what you want to have in your garden, your home, send to a loved one, or to a friend. First we will talk a little bit about the Star Gazer lily before we continue on to the different meaning of stargazer lilies.

StarGazer Lily—Noel Goodwin (
StarGazer Lily—Noel Goodwin ( | Source

About The Stargazer Lily

Believe it or not the stargazer lily has only been around since 1978! This is an extremely interesting plant because it is a hybrid of a Asiatic lily and an Oriental lily. This flower was designed to have both of its lily parents best qualities, and it really does capture the best of both plants.

The stargazer lily features a light sweet smell, bright, intense pink colored petals, a thick strong stem perfect for flower arrangements, and a flower bloom that looks up towards the sky.

The stargazer hybrid lily was created by a man who was extremely passionate about his lilies, his name was Leslie Woodruff.

He didn't keep record of exact plant crosses in his work, so, as a result the Stargazer lily does not have known exact parentage. When Woodruff saw that his new lily hybrid looked up to the sky he named it the stargazer lily, this is where the name of this gorgeous plant comes from.

The stargazer lily reminds us to keep our heads high, look towards the stars and never give up hope.

Stargazer Lily With Raindrops—audreyjm529 (
Stargazer Lily With Raindrops—audreyjm529 ( | Source

Stargazer Lily Meanings

Stargazer lilies meanings are varied but they all are to show love, appreciation and happiness.

This is a lovely lily meaning which is why they are used often to give to people on special events such as Mother's day, or at a Baby Shower, or to congratulate someone, a housewarming gift, a bridal shower, weddings, or birthdays.

  • Because stargazer lilies are known to mean romance you can give these as an alternative to roses if you want something original and exotic looking.
  • Stargazer lilies have gained the meaning of mystery, especially since their exact parentage is unknown.
  • Stargazer lilies also mean love, are said to help promote wealth as well as success. All together these lilies are a great lily to surround yourself, or someone you love with!
  • However, the white stargazer lily represents complete purity, genuineness in all things, and emotions and sympathy.
  • Both the white and the pink stargazer lilies are used to for apologies as well as to express gratitude.

Stargazer lily, Stargazer Oriental Lily—mabecerra (
Stargazer lily, Stargazer Oriental Lily—mabecerra ( | Source

Some of The Most Loved Lilies

With meanings like these it is obvious to see why this flower is often used in designs, gardens, floral decorations, patterns, weddings, valentine's day and other special events. A lot of people even get stargazer lily tattoos!

Stargazer lilies are hardy, easy to grow flowers for gardens. They will ad colors and a sweet smell to the area they are planted in. They grow from bulbs and come back ever year blooming in mid to late summer. These lilies like to be kept in full sun to part shade, best if you can keep the leaves in the sun and the roots in the shade. They also like to be kept moist.

They are deffintely the favorite flower of many gardeners and florist arrange millions of them in flower armaments each year. They are loved for their meanings, their colors, bold pattern, and sweet scent. I love Stargazer lilies, do you?


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