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Statement walls can make your rooms sizzle

Updated on February 22, 2014

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While every home owner wants his home to look decked up and beautiful, the actual job is a bit of a challenge. In fact the real pleasure in decorating the home lies in making it more appealing to people. While some people can only think of going for a complete home renovation, there are a number of real solutions to end the problem. One such solution is changing the decor of the walls or modifying the walls. In most of the cases two things are served by the walls. Firstly, it helps to achieve a division among the spaces. Secondly, it will also serve to fulfill the purpose of design. I have tried to compile some tips below to help a homeowner maximize the attractiveness and appeal of the walls.

Initial precautions

The tips can help to achieve a beautiful, classy and unique look for the home interiors. It makes them more appealing than they ever were. There is no need of going for a renovation in case the home owner is not inclined towards the idea. Just a simple tweak in the wall and the trick is done! However, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind before going for a change in the design of the wall. Before starting with a fresh design, the previous paintwork on the walls needs to be washed clean. In case the wall has wallpaper on it, it should be removed completely. In order to begin, the home owner would require a blank canvas.

A homeowner may wish to know the definition of a statement wall. Now, it is something that will sweep the floor from below the feet of the guests in wonder and amazement. If a home owner has been successful in achieving such effect on the wall, it would become a statement wall.

Making use of industrial colors

While using industrial colors may not sound to be as great an idea, it really works as it breathes life in the interiors. Statement walls offer a contemporary feel and look to the home interiors. A homeowner may also put up the question of what should constitute of an industrial color. It would be a completely innovative way to think of dull greens, dull browns, and grey. Grey has a bit of sophistication in it and looks not just great in corporate buildings but it looks great in the old and modern homes as well.

Going bold

The best idea for highlighting the interiors is going bold. A bold hue that is both uncommon and vibrant would certainly attract eyes. For instance, red can be selected for achieving the real vibrant look. Moreover, vibrant red is rarely used as paint color and therefore can cast a new, spell binding look on the walls. Since the shade is a little too vibrant, it would be better to limit to a single wall than painting all the walls, which can be a little overpowering. This will help to achieve the effect that is desired without becoming obtrusive. Another way to make the statement colors work is by keeping the rest of the walls neutrally colored. However, bold colors should not be used in case some of the furnishings are in bold.

One wall papered

The simplest and yet the most assertive way to color the walls of a room would be to use wall paper on one, while keeping the other walls painted. Wallpapers should be put on the major and prominent walls. For instance, in bedroom, it should be put on the sides of the head of a bed. The theme of the wallpaper should be kept bold in order to make it work. Patterns in bold work by enlivening the room while making a style statement.


There can be many types for borders. A more traditionally styled border would use a strip from a wallpaper so as to divide the wall horizontally. The style would have a bolder or darker hue at the bottom and a lighter hue at the top. In order to have typically traditional English look, the border on the wall can be created by making use of a wooden rail. Both the styles are equally effective, but have one limitation and that is the fact that they work better on typically old styled homes.

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    • Theater girl profile image


      4 years ago from New Jersey

      I love these ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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